News Beakon™ provides a highly regarded on-line platform for managing safety in safety conscious organisations.

Online Safety Training E-Learning Software

Design deploy and manage over the internet your training and inductions.
Our online safety software and e-learning module allows for web-based learning with virtual classrooms and digital collaboration. Content is delivered via the Internet, intranet/extra-net, audio or video. It can be self-paced or instructor-led and includes media in the form of text, image, animation, streaming video and audio.

If your deploying a simple induction or a complex training package our e-learning module provides definite advantages over other forms of training. If you’re new to eLearning software or grappling if you should try it, then see our online safety training software module. Below is some benefits that you should take into consideration:

  • Inductions – inductions online, online inductions for all your employee and contractors online inductions across large or geographically dispersed audiences.
  • Speed of Rollout -online safety training and eLearning can be performed from any location including remote uses.
  • Consistency- with safety training and eLearning software all personnel receive the same information and documentation in a reliable format, at a consistent pace.
  • Access -online safety training and eLearning software is permanently accessible anywhere at anytime. This enables what most global corporations now call “informal learning”, users can access mandatory training before arriving on site or as on going job aids.
  • Business Stability – the accessibility of online safety training and eLearning software means that personnel can ‘attend’ instantly at anytime, eliminating the worry of lost productivity.
  • Self Paced - users can leave eLearning training modules at any time and resume them later at a suitable time.
  • Cost Effective – for enormous audiences deployment expenses per personnel are minimal. Plus additional costs such as travel, room hire, printing and catering are removed from training expenses.
  • Flexibility & Customisation – documentation and eLearning data can be reused and updated when information changes. Content or scenarios can also be customised and re purposed for different target audiences.
  • Reporting/Dashboards – Scores and grading allows you to easily track and quantify learner’s status with each course.
  • Multiple Languages – online safety training and eLearning software content can easily be adapted into other languages via multiple mediums
  • Delivery Options – eLearning can be delivered via multiple modes to suit specialized audience types and technical constraints.

Why You Should Choose Beakon?

Safety training in the workplace is essential. Beakon’s safety training for employees is especially effective in ensuring safety and preventing workplace risks. Employees desire to feel confident and safe while performing their job and employers and contractors should fulfill this desire by providing certified safety courses to their workers so they can have the essential safety skills. With the prevalence of risks and dangers on the work site, it is the duty of employers and contractors to ensure that employees are safe from these risks.

Providing safety training to employees is compulsory. The type of training provided varies and can involve basic guidelines, safety issues, handling dangerous materials and much more. Having safety knowledge and skills empowers employees to prevent injuries, accidents and any other risks.