Benefits of contractor management systems in healthcare

Benefits of contractor management systems in healthcare

How much do you know about contractor management systems in healthcare?

Hiring and working with contractors can be one of the biggest risks to any business. However, in healthcare perhaps more-so. With so much on the line in terms of patient safety and data, it is vital that the entire workforce is operating in line with procedures and protocols.

With contractors, sometimes this can be a risk. When you work with people from outside of the organisation, it can be easy for them to enter your site with preconceived ideas about health and safety, security and general work practices.

Contractor management systems go a long way in helping to ensure that everyone is on the same page. In healthcare, where the implications of getting it wrong are even greater, it can be vital to have a good software system in place to help you manage contractors.three people inside factory wearing masks and coats

What do contractor management systems help manage in healthcare?

Contractor management systems help to manage contractors, of course. However in a healthcare setting the requirements for each contractor may be even greater. While the OHS management responsibility sits with the business itself, contractors do have a duty of care too. Contractors and business leaders must work together in order to ensure that adequate checks and procedures are carried out. 

Let’s look at some of the main benefits of using a contractor management system in healthcare:

  • Check healthcare specific experience 

Unlike other industries, it can be important that the contractors understand the unique risks and pressures of working in a healthcare setting. Contractor management systems can help businesses select their contractors based on prior experience, expertise and knowledge of the health care setting. Instead of having to sift through piles and piles of data, a contractor management system helps you pick out the contractors in your system who are suited to the particular role and have the health care expertise.

This saves time and money and also covers your back in the event of something going wrong. With a digital trace, you can prove that you did your due diligence and hired the right person for the job.

  • Monitor safe to work documents and qualifications

It lies within the businesses responsibilities to ensure that safe to work documents and qualifications are up to date and relevant for the role. This includes renewing records, reminding contractors when they need to submit a new work permit and ensuring that each work safety document is validated. 

Within each contractor’s file you can have a digital record of their trade qualifications, licenses, insurances and work permits. This can be invaluable in keeping everyone safe on site and ensuring that you remain compliant as you work with contractors.

  • Provide online safety inductions

Anyone who works on your site needs to have a safety induction so that they understand the WHS procedures. In healthcare, this is even more important, as often the safety procedures relate to human safety. There can be no mistakes, and an online safety induction to accompany a face to face one helps to solidify the safety information.

A key benefit of a contractor management system in healthcare is that the safety induction can be signed off online. With a digital trace of the contractor confirming they understand the safety procedures, businesses can be much more confident in their safety knowledge.

  • Deliver online learning 

No safety training is ever fully complete, as things change all the time. This is especially true in a health care environment where things evolve fast. Monitoring contractors online learning can be a nightmare, which is where a contractor management system comes in handy.

With the correct software in place, you can ensure that no one ever misses a refresher session or forgets to update their online training. With automated processes that remind contractors of their obligations, contractor management systems can help to minimise risk and ensure that online learning is completed on time.

  • Perform audits and checks

In a similar way to the online learning benefits, contractor management systems can help to audit contractor processes and see what is and isn’t working. This doesn’t always have to relate to risk reduction and safety, however this is probably the area where the benefits are most realised.

By keeping an eye on whether contractors are working in line with safety protocol, businesses can have a much better picture of their workforce. This understanding helps to minimise risk and correct any errors before they evolve into a bigger problem for the company.

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COVID-19 Considerations 

With the COVID-19 risks that have come up over the past couple of years, it is more important than ever that health care spaces are kept safe, clean and compliant. Knowing exactly who is on your site, and when, is a crucial part of COVID-19 compliance, and contractor management systems enable businesses to keep a digital trace of where contractors have been and even who they are working with.

A contractor management system can be very helpful in managing COVID-19 risks, and can help businesses fulfil their obligations. Not only to the safety of their workforce and contractors, but to the public too.

When it comes to COVID-19, businesses must:

  • Demonstrate health and safety procedures
  • Keep visitor logs and ensure contractors sign in and out
  • Comply with health care specific requirements
  • Ensure that contractors are fully aware of COVID-19 procedures
  • Implement audits to monitor the success of COVID-19 contractor management processes

Beakon Software helps healthcare businesses manage contractors and remain compliant. Learn more about contractor management software over on our website.