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Beakon is a simple, intelligent and easy to use software solution for
all your safety, health, environmental, risk and compliance needs.

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Compliance management made simple

Beakon is the #1 platform for compliance management . It’s
simple, you can easily log incident reports, assign and
receive actions. The possibilities are endless. Ensure
compliance, drive progress and get rid of paperwork!

Compliance Management Software Trial

We offer a very cost effective safety and compliance management
solutions with a simple pricing model to suit all

Compliance Management Software Trial
Kelly Hogson

Brisbane Airport

Compliance Management Software Trial

“I have never worked with a technology which is as simple to use and just runs Beakon’s reliability, support, and incredible functionality amaze me. You all are to be congratulated.”

Compliance Management Software Trial
Gerald Ritson


Compliance Management Software Trial

“We can now manage both employee and contractor training records with great ease. The support and ‘easy to use’ application has helped us implement Beakon for thousands of users simply and efficiently.”

Be in control everywhere

Whether it’s at the office, on a remote mine site, or even in your
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high availability and its excellent portability you can take
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