How construction software is reshaping the industry 

How construction software is reshaping the industry 

Working in construction can require a diverse set of skills. These skills include people management, site management, project management and often physical labouring skills. With so much to manage, software can be a helpful asset in the construction industry.

Not only do systems like contractor management and audit software help to maintain compliance, they also help construction businesses run much more effectively. Construction software can make for a happier, healthier and more productive in brown jacket looking at contract on DocuSign on a laptop

How software is reshaping the construction industry

Here’s how software benefits construction businesses and is becoming an essential in every businesses toolkit.

  • Software is saving businesses time and money

One of the main reasons that construction businesses are investing in software is that it is saving their employees time. By using a digital system, businesses can power through the processes that can sometimes take forever when using a paper-based system.

Software systems that work more productively can save huge amounts of money on construction sites. Instead of documents having to be passed around physically for sign off, with a digital software system, they can be accessed via mobile wherever that person is. This reduces the risk of the paperwork going missing or not being completed and means that employees and contractors can get to work right away.

By reducing risk in these areas, and ensuring that there is a digital trace of everything that goes on, businesses can save time and money.three men sitting while using laptops and watching man beside whiteboard

  • It is keeping people safe

Contractor management systems ensure that everyone is on the same page, and limits contractors working on the site when they shouldn’t be. Online safety inductions can be a huge benefit to construction companies who work with contractors, as it enables them to empower contractors to sign off their learning.

By confirming what they know, uploading their safe to work documents and signing that they agree to the work they have been assigned, everyone is safer. 

Contractor management in construction allows team members to sign off their training online. With a digital trace of the contractor confirming they understand the safety procedures, businesses can be much more confident that they have met their compliance requirements.

Similarly, audit software systems can help to keep people safe on your site by ensuring safety procedures and documents are completed. Without an audit to tell you how things are running on your site, it can be difficult to make actionable changes.

  • Audit and contractor management maintains compliance 

It lies within the businesses responsibilities to ensure that safe to work documents and qualifications are up to date and relevant for the role. This includes renewing records, reminding contractors when they need to submit a new work permit and ensuring that each work safety document is validated. 

Within a construction business, there can be plenty of people coming and going. Whether that’s visitors, contractors or employees moving around, the flow of people moving can be hard to manage. With COVID-19 making the tracing of people compulsory, it is essential that businesses have a good digital system in place.

Contractor management systems and visitor management systems can help construction businesses trace everyone on their site and keep hold of their details. With cloud based software, you can have a digital record of every individual’s trade qualifications, licenses, insurances and work permits that can be accessed remotely.

This can be invaluable in keeping everyone safe on site and ensuring that you remain compliant as a construction in yellow shirt and blue denim jeans jumping on brown wooden railings under blue and

  • It helps construction businesses audit

High risk industries like construction will need more thorough and precise audits in order to maintain safety. Unlike other industries, if something goes wrong on a construction site things can be fatal. This is not a risk that any business can take, so audits help to tighten up procedures, see where the gaps in knowledge are, and ensure that corrective actions are taken before mistakes happen.

Paper based audits are slow, difficult to maintain, and make it impossible to follow up on corrective actions, however digital software systems make the whole process simple. Online auditing makes it easy to collate and analyse data, as well as to identify processes and procedures needing attention.

Every industry can benefit from software systems 

So, those are the main ways that software is reshaping the construction industry. However, it’s not just construction that is reaping the rewards of having solid software systems in place.

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