Online Safety Inductions: Are They Effective?

Online Safety Inductions: Are They Effective?

Are you considering introducing online safety inductions to your site?

For many businesses online safety inductions save time and money and lower risks. Every employer is responsible for providing appropriate training and inductions to their employees. Effective health and safety instructions, especially in the construction industry, are vital. That’s why all new starters and contractors will always be required to complete site specific inductions before commencing work. They will of course come with their own training and safety knowledge, however getting them to understand the specific safety risks of your site is equally as important.

Safety training must be carried out thoroughly and consistently in order to keep workers and visitors safe on site. One of the major challenges to safety training is that it is time-sensitive – as no one can start work on site without the appropriate inductions. This can often lead people to skim through safety procedures, or incorrectly get people signed off. This is of course not compliant or safe, and companies need to educate their people to understand the importance of inductions. 

In this article we’re looking at how online inductions can solve a lot of the problems that arise with training and inductions, and enable businesses to remain compliant.

Online Inductions Help Make The Induction Process Seamless

Creating and delivering online inductions using Learning Management Systems is a sure-fire way nail the process. By operating your safety inductions online, construction firms can train staff quickly and cost-effectively. This means that staff will begin on site with fully up-to-date knowledge of how best to ensure their safety, and the safety of others. 

However, this does not necessarily rule out the need for face-to-face inductions of site-specific dangers. The nature of the construction industry means that there will always be a degree of spontaneous hazards that need to be relayed on site, in person.  

The Benefits Of Online Inductions

1. Reduced risk 

By highlighting the safety precautions of, say, heavy machinery before coming on site, no one will be using the machinery without being informed of its risks. This is also true with less obvious risks to site security. For example, you might choose to only provide employee log ins once they have successfully negotiated the induction. 

Beakon’s Learning Management System is totally customisable to fit the needs of any business’ training program. 

2. Accessibility

Because online training systems operate online, they are accessible at any time of the day or night. This provides a heightened level of convenience and means that employees can begin to learn at a time that suits them. There is no point running through safety instructions to an employee that is not fully concentrating. 

3. Decreased operation costs

In person inductions, often held in classrooms spaces, can actually seem repetitive to everyone involved. By taking safety training online, the productivity of employees increases. This, in addition to the cost of resources like room space and printed information, can really decrease the operation costs of safety inductions. 

4. Content control

Learning Management Systems, such as Beakon’s, have customisable dashboards, live tracking, and online grading. All of these methods of controlling the training content make it easy to deliver training and monitor success. Because the system is flexible and fully customisable, data can be reused and updated when information changes. Moreover, as  the needs of your safety inductions change, your content, materials, and scenarios can be customised and re-purposed to target different audiences and different learning outcomes.

Take Your Site Safety Inductions Online

There are multiple benefits to taking your site safety inductions online. It can help save time and money, as well as increase the efficiency of on-boarding new staff. Learning Management Systems facilitate creation of flexible and accessible induction content and will drastically speed up the delivery of the induction training.