Why You Should Take Your Company’s Onsite Inductions Online

If money makes the world go round, then employees make a company go round. Just like money, employee and contractor management is not an easy task. Employers are not only legally responsible for the health and safety of their workers, but they are also morally accountable too.

This is especially true in high-risk industries such as construction and manufacturing where employees face various risks every day. Workplace safety and hazard prevention is a priority worldwide, and several guidelines have been put in place to guide companies on international best practices.

To remain compliant with these standards, companies are required to offer induction-training programs to help new employees or contract workers stay both safe and productive. These training programs are always onsite and need someone to oversee the program.

The Downside of Traditional Onsite Inductions

Due to the risk(s) involved in the job to be done, a proper induction process is required to ensure new employees, and contract workers understand the safety guidelines. While that is a good thing, the method with which it is done makes it a problem.

The traditional method requires in-person supervision to ensure the training is done correctly and efficiently. Depending on the scope of the project, the number of contractors employed will vary and so will their availability.

This means that the induction training could happen two or three times a week, and it is not uncommon to see just one or two contract workers attending the training. You are wasting a lot of time and effort by continually arranging in-person induction training for contractors who might not be working in your company for more than a week – sometimes lesser.

If you find this traditional method of onsite induction redundant, then you are alone. By using a Contractor Induction Software, you can improve and streamline your company’s entire induction training process.

What is a Contractor Induction Software?

A contractor induction software is an online solution that enables employers to quickly, and cost-effectively induct a new staff or contract worker. This software helps you to train your workers so that they arrive ready to work and compliant.

It should be noted that online induction could not replace a site-specific induction that will require meeting in person to cover any specific dangers or hazards. However, it is good enough to cut down on wasted time and allows everyone to be more productive.

You can expect several benefits from deploying a contractor induction software in your company. These include:

  • A significant reduction in operational costs. Resources such as room space printed training materials and trainers would no longer be needed if the entire induction process was moved
  • Consistency in the dissemination of information by the trainer and the accuracy in retention by the contractors or new workers are highly increased.
  • Ability to assess the inductees and test their understanding of the entire training. Beakon’s Contractor Management software allows you to audit their performance and send them reminders etc.

As you can see, using technology to streamline your contractor induction programs will save you time and money. If you are unsure of how these benefits will work for your company, you can take advantage of a free, no-strings-attached trial of our online induction software.