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Beakon Established

Beakon launches our user-friendly, automated, digital solution for workplace health, safety and compliance.


CHEP comes onboard as founding client

CHEP gives real-time feedback, as Beakon builds optimal software to comply with its complex contractor management requirements.


Word spreads of Beakon’s simplicity and flexibility

Beakon establishes our reputation for software, which simplifies risk management for businesses. Beakon’s broad appeal attracts Coca-Cola AMATIL, Mainfreight, and Caltex, who join as clients.


Software evolves and relaunches

By listening and learning from our clients, Beakon continues to refine our offer. The Beakon solution is relaunched as a fully modular, cloud-based framework, with more than 50 modules.


London office Opens

The Beakon team expands into the UK, with the opening of our London office in Soho.


Expansion into USA

Beakon's expanding client base in USA is supported with a new office in Santa Monica.


Beakon Today

Businesses around the globe now recognise Beakon’s software as their first choice for driving workplace safety, compliance and total risk management.


What's Next?

Beakon continues to work with our clients to identify and develop new solutions for their many different risk management and safety needs.

At the same time, Beakon is actively exploring emerging technology, including opportunities with artificial intelligence.

Watch this space!


Genuine Customer Care

The best software in the world means nothing if our customers are not satisfied.  That’s why we prioritise customer service at Beakon. Our customer support team is here for you throughout your implementation and beyond. We listen and learn from customer feedback and continuously improve and innovate in response.

24/7 Customer support

Having team members in both the Northern and Southern Hemispheres to support our clients ensures we can provide 24/7 technical support.  We are available via live chat, email, our client portal and by phone.

Global service

Providing support where and when you need it can be complex when you work across the globe.  Our global partnerships and network means we are there for you, wherever that is!

Call us now!

We work with small local and large global businesses, so you can confidently call us for a no-obligation discussion, regardless of the size and scope of your project.

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