Beakon’s industry-leading software has been helping businesses manage and improve safety and compliance for over 10 years.

Our past experiences with overly-complex, confusing, and impractical systems inspired us to ask an important question: how can we deliver better software?

After experimenting with some ideas we began by building Beakon, focusing on making it a simple and user-friendly application. In 2006 we implemented Beakon for Brambles-CHEP Pallets to manage contractor compliance. Since then, Beakon has expanded and evolved, with many of the worlds largest organisations embracing our software. 

Over the last decade we’ve continuously developed and refined our software, working with clients to identify systems and processes that deliver results.

In 2013 Beakon was rebuilt into what it is today: a remarkable and internationalised enterprise offering unprecedented and unrivaled safety software. Our systems have been designed to excellence based on client feedback, and we have continued on to develop our software into a fully modular cloud-based framework that can be easily customized to support individual requirements. 

Beakon is now used internationally, offering sophisticated services to businesses all across the globe. We've worked hard to develop and improve our product and, as a result, we're now one of the most outstanding safety software providers in the market.

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Beakon today

Working from our offices near Australia’s iconic Bondi Beach, we’re proud to count international leading companies among our clients. Our systems help to keep thousands of workers, contractors, and employees safe and healthy in the workplace.

Our clients are diverse, but they all have one thing in common: they’re passionate about keeping their workplace safe and productive.

Our systems are designed to be easily configured and rapidly embraced by users. In our experience, the easier a system is to deploy, and the more effectively it complements existing processes and procedures, the more likely it is to be embraced by stakeholders.

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