Contractor Management Software

Without Contractor Management Software, attempting to manage contracts yourself can be an extremely arduous task, especially for large organisations where paperwork can quickly become insurmountable. Former investigator for SafeWork Australia, Ian Markos, has stated that time spent on paperwork takes the focus away from high risk areas that need attention.

Think about the amount of time you spend reviewing paperwork for health and safety, and now imagine how you could be spending that time on your business instead. Reducing paperwork and improving reporting tools saves time and money and, you guessed it, paperwork disrupts daily workflow and can have a negative impact on productivity. However, getting your contracts right is critical for any business, as successfully managing contract creation, execution, and analysis will maximize financial and operational performance and minimize risk. 

Effects of non-compliance

With increasing regulations and pressure to adhere to industry OH&S standards, contract management has become more important than ever. Lack of compliance can result in significant fines and penalties such as a maximum penalty of $3 million for large corporations and $600,000 and/or five years imprisonment for individuals. Therefore, it is essential that you manage your contracts effectively to reduce these risks.

How an airport collects and processes their safety documentation

Safety documentation needs to be transported from the office. In many cases there is a field office, close to the work site or on the work site, where the safety documentation can be processed the following day. Sometimes the office is not located nearby, and it could be weeks before a hazard card arrives at the office for processing and the information on that card has now become out of date.

In many companies their safety programs are managing old information that holds no value in its current form. Yet companies are still spending thousands of dollars on personnel and time in managing safety data. So instead of investing time and money on hiring or training expensive personnel to manage outdated data, wouldn’t it make more sense to use contractor management software that is more cost-effective and which has better performance?

Choosing the right contractor management software

Contractor Management Software can simplify daily activities by:

  • Automating tasks
  • Sending alerts for when inductions need to be completed
  • Acting as a document repository for all employee documents such as insurance details and certificates, safety manuals, compliance forms and even customizable dashboard reports to enable managers to run their own safety reports automatically.

The standard spreadsheet may be sufficient in collecting data, but it contains static information. Safety data management requires the proper software to log particular inspections and be updated regularly. It also doesn’t allow other members in the company to report or distribute actions or tasks, which again resorts to more paperwork. Here’s what to look for when choosing a contractor management software:

Ensure the contract management software uses modules. With modular management software, you only purchase the things you want, so you don’t waste money on one software solution. Modules also mean it can be tailored specifically to your organisation’s needs. The software should be cloud-based, so it can be accessed by all employees and partners on any mobile device Make sure it is customizable and scalable, every business is different, so it is important that the software fits into your business model.

Our system offers a solution for every industry with all the tools you need to maintain Workplace Health and Safety Compliance. Beakon works by storing all employee and partner details in an online cloud system that is simple to use and fits seamlessly into your business. Our system manages inductions, licenses, certificates of currency, accreditation, insurances OH&S requirements, training, audits and other pre-requirements required under current OH&S legislation.

Our risk management software has helped countless businesses deliver inductions, training, manage risk and incidents to employees, contractors or visitors.

Beakon is being used by many of Australia’s largest companies such as CSR, Caltex, Fonterra and CHEP. To learn more about how Beakon can help your organization, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1300 303 773 or visit our site to start a free trial today.