Does health and safety software save businesses money?

How can data make your workplace safer?

Data can be a very dry topic. But when it comes to Health and Safety, data and insights can change how you operate. Knowledge is power, and the better you understand your landscape and your people, the more accurately you can manage risk.

Workplace injuries still take place relatively frequently in Australia. In the year 2019-2020 a total of 120,355 serious claims were made for workers’ compensation due to injuries excluding fatalities where the person couldn’t work for one week or more.

Some of these injuries were manageable, whereas others would have been life changing. Not only are injuries at work an expensive burden, they can cause distrust amongst workers and give your company a bad name. Above all, they harm real human beings who are often impacted significantly by injuries at work.

But the good news is that data can help minimise risk, and make your workplace safer. Here’s how…

3 Top Tips On How To Use Data To Make Your Workplace Safer

  • Capture and safely retain data on staff 

Data on your team can give you a full picture of someone’s qualifications, insurance details, previous work history, permits to work and much more. With all of this data in one place, you can check in to see that people have up to date qualifications and minimise the risk of an incident being caused.

A software system like Beakon can give you auto-alerts when qualifications are out of date, and will be able to keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to filing this data. You’ll be able to pull up records at any time on mobile, even when you’re on the move. Plus, with a software system that safely stores all data on the cloud, you can be reassured that this private information will be kept safe.

  • Look at what training has been completed

When you compile data from your online learning software, you’ll be able to see who has logged on and completed the relevant training. This will help you assess where there might be some work to do, and who might need a nudge to complete the training required. 

This could be health and safety training, site specific training or just refresher training on the qualifications they hold. With a comprehensive log of all training completed, and auto-generated emails that allow you to nudge those who are behind, you can make sure that your business is remaining compliant and using data to keep people safe.

  • Assess accident and incident data

Fingers crossed your organisation doesn’t have much of this data, because you’ve already minimised the risk of incidents so well. But if you do have some data to draw on, it’s best to use it to your advantage and learn what you can from it.

Prior incidents can tell you a lot about your blind spots, or areas that need improvement. Assess your data relating to prior accidents or incidents and look at the common features. Where did you go wrong in these cases and where can you improve?

Using data in this way will help you move forward safely and put the past behind you.

Keeping You On The Right Track To Compliance 

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