Risk Assessment Software: How Safety Managers Can Use It To Make Their Job 10x Easier

Safety software is all the rage now. Companies of all levels are beginning to understand the importance of using some sort of technology to manage their safety needs.  This was not the case about a decade ago. Paper filing was the order of the day. Fast forward to 2019 and beyond, risk assessment software is taking center stage with safety managers from several high-risk industries switching to digital safety management solutions.

Can we ask you some questions? Have you ever implemented risk control measures in your company? If yes, how successful have you been in that regards? Or let’s say, based on the saying “A stitch in time saves nine”, has it made you get your daily tasks done on time without glitches? These and many other questions require the attention of risk managers to answer in order for the effectiveness of the workflow.

Every determined and focused business owner knows how important it is to keep the entire workplace free from hazards. The absence of this attitude in an organization could be detrimental. To ensure proper management of tasks at all levels, the employees are expected to be educated on the various risk assessment tools the company wants to adopt. This is because the way risks and hazards are interpreted is an individual thing. Hence, every person’s perception of risk is required to be considered in order to determine levels of risk assessment.

What is Risk assessment all about?

Risk assessment is defined as a systematic examination of safety in your workplace. The stages involved in it are basically four which follows a logical sequence. They are:

  1. Identification of hazards
  2. Identification of those who may be harmed and how
  3. Evaluating the impact and implementation of control measures
  4. Prompt monitoring and review of the situation

From what has been highlighted above, it shows that risk assessment is a subject that requires excellent guidance in implementation provided it’s being handled by competent personnel. This is what makes a real difference between top organizations and others.

In what ways can Risk assessment software make work 10x Easier?

The need and value to be productive at work cannot be overemphasized. Safety managers have their hands full everyday work due to the possibility of hazards that could occur. Back in the days, the best practice was to push paper to every department, manually calculate the possibility of risks in high-risk departments, and analyze the results from past safety checks – which is paper-based by the way.

These days, however, risk assessment software has streamlined the entire process. Automation and software have changed the OHS landscape significantly. So, in order for companies to be more productive and reduce their risks of hazards, here are the features and benefits of a risk assessment software:

  1. Solid risk reporting: One of the most important benefits of using software to asses the potential risks in your company is the ability to get full risk reports digitally. This gives you the opportunity to list out different types of risks. In essence, each highlighted risk is designated to a specified risk owner that is meant to resolve and monitor the progress. This could be likened to a risk assessment system. The monitoring is made easy with flexible dashboards. They can also formulate reports and can be exported to others using email, spreadsheets, and PDF
  2. Ascertaining impact of risks: The second most important benefit that a risk assessment software offers is the ability to help you ascertain the impact of the risks that could happen. As we know that risks are unpredictable, the software provides several options to select how severe each potential risk could be. This enables you to measure the impact and also to ensure urgency in tackling the risk posed. By so doing, presaging the likelihood of risk will help to keep the project stability.
  3. Easy Visibility: The third most important benefit you can expect when you adopt an online risk assessment software is the visibility you can expect. We know that risk identification is important as it has been stated previously, however, it’s not sufficient. In addition to it, every risk owner should have access to a list of an entire set of risks. It’s arranged in a systematic manner where each hazard is given a risk level likewise the one in charge. More so, they will be able to check if the risk has been investigated and resolved.
  4. Utilizing a risk matrix: Finally, the ability to easily and quickly deploy a risk matrix is unparalleled to any manual method a safety manager could have envisaged. A risk matrix is mostly used for measuring the level of risk through a tabular format. It’s a summary of the consequence of each risk and the likelihood of the occurrence of injury if exposed to risks. This matrix can be accessed in a single click rather than sifting through each risk individually.

As you can see, using a risk assessment management system gives you a different vantage point of your company’s safety needs and requirements. This God-like look view of your company’s organisational health and safety will not only make you effective in your role, but it also makes your employees feel safe knowing that you have everything covered.


We’ve enumerated some salient points on the features and benefits of risk assessment software and how adopting it will aid easier and faster delivery and productivity. That’s why we believe every organization like yours should adopt it. Investment in this aspect of management is expected to take in lots of money, however, despite that, the time, effort and spending, in the long run, is worth it.

This is obvious when a comparison is made between investing and not investing. The major feature of the software that makes it a high demand system is about the real-time notification. It gets sent across boards whenever cases of hazards are detected and those who are reliable are notified for effective evacuation and rectification.

How long will you continue to prolong adopting this system? We know that finding effective risk assessment software can be challenging. However, you can start with us. Click here for a free trial of Beakon’s risk assessment software. Our software will not only manage hazards effectively for you but also make your job easier and faster.