Safety software systems: unpacking key terms

Safety software systems: unpacking key terms

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There is a lot of jargon in the world of safety management, and a lot of key terms that need exploring. Often the terms safety software, safety management, safety systems and safety tech are used interchangeably, but they can mean slightly different things.

We’re unpacking the meaning behind safety software systems, so that you can choose a safety software provider with ease.

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What are safety software systems?

In essence, a safety software system refers to a safety management system that uses software to minimise risk. In most cases, entities using safety software systems as their key term to define their safety procedures will use it interchangeably with SMS (safety management system).

Safety management systems were derived to minimise risk and provide safety defences. According to literature reviewing SMSs; “there are two main groups of models informing SMSs: (1) accident related models, and (2) organisational models”.

Accident related models are more responsive and passive. They kick into action when an incident has occured (which is often too late). Meanwhile, the organisational model is a much more preventative approach that focuses on policies, procedures and people to ensure that accidents don’t occur. 

This is where safety software really comes into its own, as it provides an online management system for all data concerning safety within your business. Formed with theory, practice and standards levels in mind, safety software systems allow businesses to manage safety and compliance before an incident occurs, which is really what we want.

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FAQ about safety software systems

If you’re exploring your options when it comes to safety software systems, here’s a few questions you might like to ask prospective safety software providers.

Where is your precious safety data hosted?

How many times do you hear of businesses having a data breach? Often this is due to where their data is stored and managed. There is no rush when choosing a safety software provider – it’s much better to take your time and investigate where your data will be hosted to ensure that it will be secure.

All data needs to be protected, but in the case of safety data this is even more prominent. Safety data might provide details like personal medical histories, incident details and private information about your team.

This kind of information needs to be hosted in secure regulatory environments, where it won’t be compromised. A good rule of thumb is to check in with the software provider and see if they’re hosting in line with government standards concerning safety data. You’ll find this compliance information in the AS ISO/IEC 27004:2018 if you’re in Australia. 

Is it easily adjustable and flexible?

SMS will be ever-evolving to keep up with changes to your environment and industry standards. For this reason, you need safety software that can keep up. Look for safety software that is easy to configure with your business and can be adjusted to suit your needs. Every business is different, so every business will need slightly different safety software options.

Does it have language options?

We live in a multicultural society, so it’s important that everyone is catered for. Some people may choose to use a different language to fill in forms, or look at safety regulations that can be vital to their job.

Safety software systems should be able to offer different language settings, so that people can read policies and procedures in a language that best suits them.

Does it cover off legal and compliance obligations?

This is of course one of the most important questions to ask. Record keeping, signing certain documents, having safety information like permits collated etc. is so important. 

Before choosing a safety software provider, look at what your industry-specific compliance obligations are, and ensure that your software will help you meet them.

Is it mobile-friendly?

Last but not least, you want safety software that is mobile friendly. In the modern world, everything is done on mobile, and in a dynamic working environment it’s very helpful for people to be able to access safety information wherever they are.

Software that is mobile friendly ensures that people don’t take a “I can fill that form in later” or “I’ll check out that person’s permit later” approach to safety. With everything you need in the palm of your hand, staff are much more likely to follow procedures in the moment, with the end result of minimised risk across the business.

Beakon builds mobile-friendly safety management software that caters to a variety of industries. We’ve worked with businesses across multiple sectors to bring them tailored safety solutions. 

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