Reliable Audit Software

We have worked with leading businesses to deliver class-leading Audit Software that complements your existing processes and workflows. Beakon Audit Software can be customized to your organisation’s sector-specific and individual requirements, and can be implemented quickly without distracting you from your business.

Features & Functionality

Beakon Audit Software includes functionality for:

  • Full functionality on PCs, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Data Collection and Consolidation.
  • Schedule and Document Management.
  • Reporting.
  • Action and Issue Tracking.

Paper based audits are slow, difficult to maintain, and make it impossible to follow up on corrective actions. Our customizable dashboard and tasks have been designed on some basic principles: that it should be easy to collate and analyse data, as well as to identify processes and procedures needing attention.

Keeping on top of audits protects your business and ensures maximum safety compliance. Our audit software program will notify you when an audit needs to be renewed, and allows you to schedule audits as frequently as is required. This action can be completed using any device.

Beakon Audit Software is used by some of the worlds leading businesses, including highly regulated, high-risk industries. If you think your business might benefit from better and more efficient auditing processes, contact Beakon today to discuss how our Audit Software can help your organisation grow stronger and safer.


     Audit software

    Spread sheets, paper systems, carrier pigeons, you know they don't work!

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