Contractor Management Software

Beakon’s Contractor Management software module can capture insurance, permit to work, and other important documentation with built-in email exceptions. Our system ensures best practice when it comes to managing contractors, making it easy to comply with all your legal obligations.

We understand that no two businesses are exactly the same, so our Contractor Management Software is highly-customizable and can manage a number of contractor management tasks.

Features and Functionality

  • Manage insurance, licenses, SWMS, JSA’s and other documents.
  • Online Induction and training.
  • E-learning audio and video content
  • Automating tasks and alerts, sms or email.
  • Remotely audit contractors online instantly.

Beakon Contractor Management software allows you to track all your inductions, audits, and documents in one place, and on one platform. Our system offers a solution for every industry, equipping you with all the tools you need to maintain Workplace Health and Safety Compliance. 

Maximise value

All of your contractors have a log-in to the contractor management software, which removes any and all complexities associated with paper-based systems. It will also ensure that your contractors supply you with the relevant information.

Of course, this also means that data-entry is significantly reduced and that contractors can take ownership of their administration. This will save you a phenomenal amount of time and expenses. Moreover, our system uses automated reminder emails and dashboard communication to ensure that your time isn’t wasted sending endless reminders to sub-contractors.

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    Contractor Management Software

    Spread sheets, paper systems, carrier pigeons, you know they don't work!

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