Automate Incident Management

Beakon’s Incident Management software sets a new benchmark for incident management systems. Developed in partnership with leading multi-national organisations, Beakon’s system can be configured to report, investigate, analyse and proactively action issues across all work disciplines. These include fields in safety, environment, quality assurance, product quality and business management.

Our platform is secure, reliable, and accessible from any device including tablets and smartphones. It is designed to be flexible and easily customisable, providing you with Incident Management software that complements your business processes and procedures.

Features and Functionality

We have designed our Incident Management software to be easily used, quickly understood, and to collate all your important data and documentation in one simple interface with sortable data and customisable reporting functions.

Beakon Incident Management software features include:

  • Safety, Environment, and Quality functions
  • Comprehensive and customisable notification suite.
  • Workflow, SMS and Email notifications.
  • Root cause analysis, Action allocation and tracking, & Investigation.
  • Self-configurable dashboards and reporting.


    Incident Management Software OHS

    Spread sheets, paper systems, carrier pigeons, you know they don't work!

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