Injury Management System

Injury Management and Return to Work are complex and demanding areas for employers. Beakon’s Injury Management system is designed to make the return to work process clear and easy to deploy. More importantly, it is designed to make it easy to support your staff when they return to the workplace.

Features and Functionality

Beakon Injury Management system and Return to Work modules provide all the tools you need to manage relevant processes, documentation, and notifications. Developed in consultation with our clients, our systems are designed to deliver the best possible outcomes. These include:

  • Return to Work Plans and Notes.
  • Integrates with Beakon's Incident Reporting and Return to Work modules to manage every step of the process.
  • Automated and configurable alerts.
  • Standard and customisable reporting.

Possessing a clear, simple, and effective system to manage workplace injuries and return to work demonstrates your organisation’s commitment to its staff. Our systems use reminders and notifications to ensure that all relevant staff in your organisation have access to data and information, so that they can work as a team to produce the best possible outcomes consistently.

No matter how effectively your business manages WHS and OHS, there is always the possibility of a workplace injury. The true litmus test of a responsible employer is how you manage such events. Contact us today to find out how Beakon's Injury Management system can help you keep your staff and sites safe.


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