Improved Training & Delivery

From simple online induction software for visitors to complex company-wide training package deployment, Beakon’s learning management system System (LMS) simplifies staff training delivery and allows managers to track progress and identify training gaps in one place.

Our Learning Management System will deliver training to staff and contractors anywhere, regardless of whether you’re delivering your training face-to-face or using distance learning. Every organisation has unique LMS requirements, so our software is customisable, ensuring that you have the best tools to deliver the learning outcomes your organisation requires.

Beakon’s LMS delivers, logs, and manages training for some of Australia’s most successful companies. Customisable dashboards, live tracking, and online grading make it easy to deliver training and monitor success. Flexible and fully customisable, data can be reused and updated when information changes. Content, materials, and scenarios can be customised and re-purposed to target different audiences and different learning outcomes.

Features and Functionality

Beakon's Learning Management System can create online inductions and courses for all - or specific groups - of your employees and contractors, regardless of how many people the training is delivered to or where it is delivered.

  • Full functionality on PCs, tablets, and smartphones.
  • SCORM compliant.
  • Maintain online and offline training records.
  • Reports and dashboards.
  • Simple to use for all levels users.

Businesses understand the learning outcomes they need; Beakon’s fully-customisable LMS can be tailored to deliver the results your businesses requires to realise its potential. Contact us today to discuss your Learning Management System needs or to arrange a demonstration.


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