A Permit to Work System that works

Beakon’s Permit to Work system replaces traditional paper-based systems so that you can control your site and shutdowns in one place. As an integrated safe system of work, Beakon’s Permit to Work system can function as a free-standing module, or work with Beakon’s other risk management software products.

Features and Functionality

Our simple-to-use software can be configured to compliment existing business workflows and processes, ensuring that approvals are obtained at the right time by the right person.

This powerful tool includes features to:

  • Issue Permits to Work.
  • Permit approvals.
  • Audit-friendly records for permit history and access history.
  • Work on all devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Working with some of the worlds largest companies in high-risk sectors, we understand that safety processes and controls are essential. That’s why we rigorously test our software to ensure it offers all the functionality you need to manage and control who enters and leaves your sites quickly, efficiently, and in an audit-compliant framework.

Introducing a customisable and user friendly Permit to Work system helps your bottom line. Our system ensures that contractors, employees, and site visitors are responsible for their compliance so that you don't have to chase them. You can also reduce cost of risks, non-compliance, administration, as well as delays caused by document loss. 

Most importantly, Beakon’s Permit to Work system reduces the likelihood of safety breaches in the workplace. All actions are logged, time stamped, and recorded, providing a easily-accessible audit trail.

Take control of your site access quickly and easily; contact Beakon today and find out how our Permit to Work System can protect your staff and business.


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    Spread sheets, paper systems, carrier pigeons, you know they don't work!

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