Manage Business Risk

Beakon’s Risk Register software gives you the tools to record and manage the risks your business may face. Using accepted methodology, our Risk Register software ensures managers and decision-makers are equipped to reduce the probability of a risk taking place, as well as to manage the consequences if it does.

Features and Functionality

Beakon Risk Register software includes functionality to:

  • Maintain multiple Risk Registers.
  • Configure your own Risk Matrix in an ISO compliant framework.
  • Workflow, SMS, and Email notifications.
  • Create customised rules for notifications and workflows.

It is better to prevent risks and hazards and manage them in advance rather than to try and mitigate their consequences after the fact. At Beakon, we care about workplace safety: we’ve built this module so that our clients have the best possible tools to manage risks.

Our Risk Register software is market-leading, using simple design and easily understood methodologies to help all stakeholders assess and manage business risk.

User-friendly Risk Register Software

Our Risk Register software includes audit-friendly downloading and record extraction tools as part of reporting functionality, and can be customised to target and log specific areas, actions, and events relevant to your business.  Risks can be recorded and sorted using numerous risk criteria, and reminders ensure that your Risk Register is always up to date.

Businesses can’t escape risk completely, but they can manage it; speak to Beakon today to find out how Risk Register software can help your organisation take control of risks.


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