Task Management Software made easy

Beakon Task Management software is designed to give your business flexible tools to allocate tasks, manage progress, and keep projects on track. Built in consultation with our clients, our Task Management software module uses clear and simple interfaces to ensure that everybody involved in a project is working together effectively; a collaborative team delivers the best results and the best return for business.

Often, the more simple a system is to use, adapt and understand, the more likely stakeholders are to embrace and adopt it! Our feedback from clients indicated that they wanted something clear and simple, but easily customisable to already established business processes and procedures. That's what we've delivered!

Features and Functionality

As well as being easy to customise to your requirements, Beakon Task Management software has extensive features and functionality. Some of the benefits of our Task Management module include:

  • Turn Talk to Action - Start allocating and actioning tasks as soon as decisions are made. Create tasks, assign tasks, set due dates, and task requirements or instructions before you've left the meeting room.
  • Keep projects on track and tracking
  • Manage dispersed teams - Our software uses fully responsive design so it works on all devices, including smartphones and tablets. Using cloud-based storage, your files and documents are accessible wherever you are, whenever you need them. Keep everybody on track and on schedule!

Your business shouldn't have to change how it works to fit in with software workflows, so our Task Management software is built on a reliable framework, and can be customised quickly and easily.

Contact Beakon today to find out how our Task Management software can help your business achieve better results more quickly.


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