Manage Site Visitors

Beakon’s Visitor Management System allows businesses to track visitors at their buildings, work sites, and facilities by recording key data and ensuring you are in control of who has access to your premises. The Beakon Visitor Management System is highly configurable, providing relevant team members and decision makers with logs and information about site visitors in one clear, simple interface.

Features and Functionality

Beakon Visitor Management System can be configured to:

  • Automate access permissions and provide self-service inductions.
  • Log who has visited your sites, when they have visited your sites, and what areas they have accessed.
  • Deploy OHS and Facilities Management induction courses and documentation for site visitors, and automatically adjust access authorization accordingly.
  • Synchronise with Staff ID and Card machines, including those with security coding.
  • Provide all necessary data for performance, compliance and OHS audits.

Comprehensive Visitor Management System

A number of businesses are unable to confidently state who visited a site, how long they were on site for, and whether they were authorised to be there. In the event of a fire, flood, or other catastrophic event, emergency services' first question will be ‘who is still on-site, and where are they?’.

If your site manager can’t confidently answer, your business may be legally (and morally) responsible.

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