3 Reasons To Invest In A Cloud-Based Workplace Safety Management System

Managing workplace safety is not an easy task. This is because the WHS (or EHS) systems that most companies implement is a combination of paper templates, excel spreadsheets, and several isolated software solutions (that do various other things) are all combined into a faulty system that is impossible to report on.

These systems are impossible to report on because they are very confusing to understand from the user’s perspective. As a result, shortcuts that eventually cost the company, in the long run, are taken. Making the switch to a cloud-based safety management system is the solution, and we explore five of the most important reasons why you should make the switch today.

Reason #1 – Cost Reduction

One of the most important reasons to switch to a cloud-based safety management system is because it will enable you to reduce your current expenditures.

If you are a proactive and safety-conscious company, the chances are that you have already invested in several safety management systems including:

If that is the case, then you are literally throwing money away because the costs of these stand-alone systems add up quickly. Another disadvantage of these systems is the disconnect experienced in the data gathered.

The solution is Beakon’s all-in-one WHS software. Our software has the enables you to manage every part of your safety requirements in one cloud-based platform at a very affordable cost. Apart from the cost reduction, you also experience an easy to use platform with a central reporting system that enables you to have a good overview of all your company’s safety requirements without having to log into multiple systems.


Reason #2 – Cost Avoidance

The next best thing for reducing operational costs for your company is to avoid unnecessary costs in the first place. The best way to do both successfully is to deploy a cloud-based safety management system.

One of the most obvious ways a safety management system can help you avoid unnecessary costs is by reducing your company’s exposure to insurance claims.

Due to complex data gathering systems as a result of incorporating several safety management systems, chances of the company being exposed to litigation rises significantly.

However, an all-in-one safety management system that provides automation and notifications, your company’s HR and legal departments will be on top of every new development.


Reason #3 – Increased Productivity

Finally, deploying a cloud-based safety management system increases your employee’s productivity thus, directly influencing your company’s bottom line.

Because you can easily automate several tasks within our software, specific functions like issuing a permit to work, filing incident reports and even managing contractors can quickly be done in a matter of minutes instead of hours.



Speed to respond to incidents or hazards, prevention of dangerous situations and improved safety planning are some of the advantages you can expect when you start a free trial of Beakon’s all-in-one cloud-based safety management system.