Contractor Management

Careful Contractor Management: Responsibilities Of Each Party

A proper contractor management system requires proper management of the safety and health of contractors. This approach protects contractors, employees, and members of the public from Health and Safety harm, and minimizes the risks a company faces. For this to be possible, each party should know and handle their responsibilities as required. An independent individual or organization engaged to perform some work in any trade or profession is a contractor, while a contract supervisor is the one in charge of the procedure.

The Importance of Control By The Hiring Company

To reduce contractor related risks, the owner of the work needs to maintain complete control over the work. This also gives the owner a chance to control the production quality, including the consistency of the services offered. Companies should set proper criteria for a proper contractor management and evaluation procedure.

One of the challenges of outsourcing work from contractors is the loss of control. Even after setting the contract in place, it can be hard to enforce all the requirements. While standard organizations set in place the necessities and regulations to follow in contractor management, it can be hard to keep up with these as they change constantly. While owners should have full control over the efficiency of the work done by selected contractors, consistent control and continuous inspections can be hard to perform.

There are a variety of tools out there that assist owners in monitoring contractor performance. Modern systems exist to help companies that outsource large amounts of work. For example, large companies have contractor management software integrated within their control systems for easier assessment of contractor work. This kind of approach provides direct visibility of contractual activities.

Owner Responsibilities

  • Have procedures governing the registration, induction, inspection and on site management of contractors
  • Have clear procedures on managing hazards, monitoring contractor work and maintaining contractor records.

Responsibilities of the Contract Supervisor In Contractor Management

  • Know the health and safety risks involved in the performance of the work
  • Possess proper training in contractor management
  • Ensure implementation of the required risk control measures to maintain safety
  • Monitor and manage the communication channel between the company and contractors.

Responsibilities of the Contractors

Contractors should ensure that they and their work are out of risk and ensure they adhere to procedures. When the hiring company maintains control and all the involved parties know and meet their responsibilities, this reduces the challenges of contractor management.