What Is the Cost of Poor Contractor Management

Four Steps to Take To Avoid the Consequences of Poor Contractor Management

Most companies fail to implement a proper contractor management system because they are not aware of, or underestimate, the consequences of poor contractor management. If an incident were to happen on site, the safety and legal repercussions of hiring non-compliant contractors can devastate a company. Unfortunately, most companies only discover that they have been working with non-compliant contractors when it is too late and they are facing a lawsuit.

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Connect With Your Workforce With Better Health and Safety Software

Finding an Appropriate Health and Safety Software for Your Organization

Modern Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) practices are currently the best they have ever been. Unlike in the past, most people today know about workplace safety. It is also easy to create and manage a safe workplace with the aid of all the professional Health and Safety support systems that are in place, in conjunction with the many software solutions that are available to us.

Not only is a Health and Safety Software a central part of today’s HSE management systems, using an appropriate Health and Safety Software helps a company connect with its employees better. Most organizations have implemented a Health and Safety Software system to create a safer workplace. Those that haven’t are actively searching for an appropriate software solution.

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The Process Of Obtaining Effective Safety Software

Three Proven Steps to Finding an Effective yet Affordable Safety Software Package

No matter how large or how small your company is, safety software is a valuable investment for managing environmental impact. With the increased awareness of the importance of environmental health and safety standards, most companies have implemented safety software systems to reduce their carbon footprint by operating in a greener and safer way. One major issue companies have to deal with before investing in safety software is justifying the cost of the investment.

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Importance Of Enterprise Risk Management Software For Business

Crucial Features of an Appropriate Enterprise Risk Management Software System

With the increasing complexity of business operations, most companies are implementing company wide Enterprise Risk Management Software. Risk Management Software enables them to manage risks, reduce waste, maximize the use of resources, find answers quickly, and increase efficiency for faster growth.

With the many Risk Management Solutions Software packages out there, the best way to go about finding one that is appropriate for your business is to know the differences between these solutions.


All About Health and Safety Training Courses

Everything You Need To Know About Health and Safety Training Courses

Business owners, managers and employees have one goal in common: to promote Health and Safety in the workplace. To minimize injuries and accidents in the workplace, the use of Health and Safety Training Courses is essential.

Safety training brings personal benefits to all participants and to the company as a whole. Most countries require companies to subject their employees to health and safety training. The completion of health and safety training courses helps to create a positive work environment and minimize accidents. For the company, this training prevents injuries, sicknesses, accidents and health hazards related expenses and liability costs.

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Health and Safety Training

The Health and Safety Training, Risk Assessment and Other Functions of Safety Consultants

Beakon offers Safety Services & Consultancy, Occupational Health and Safety services and evaluations. Our Safety Management System is designed to compliment your Health and Safety Training and provide you with the tools ensure that your workplace remains safe and free of harm

Our Safety Management System’s functions include:

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Improving Health and Safety Training Software

Improving Safety Training by using Safety Software and Involving Managers and Supervisors In The Training Process

An effective way to reduce occupational accidents is to equip workers with job safety skills and knowledge through health and safety training in order to achieve a safe work environment. For the health and safety training to be effective, the managers and supervisors should be involved as well. The top management initiates workplace safety by authorizing resources to support the initiative. The company can contract training providers where employees have to attend the training sessions. This requires a schedule adjustment to create time for employees to attend the classes. A more convenient option that does not require interrupting of the work schedule is to take online Beakon safety training courses.

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Safety Audits and What They are For

Safety Audits and The Benefits of Conducting Safety Audits

For all types of businesses, implementing safety audits and measures ensures workplace safety and reduces injuries and the associated costs. This is especially important for large businesses with a large number of employees and contractors. Safety Audits give businesses a way to ensure the ongoing and monitored implementation of safety measures.

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Safety Training As a Key to Success

Safety Training Services: An Essential Key to a Successful Organization

Safety training is an essential ingredient to the success of an organization. As of late, most companies have realized this, and many training systems providers and training companies now offer a variety of courses and training services to promote workplace health and safety.

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The Benefits of OH&S Safety Training

OH&S Safety Training

The benefits of OH&S safety training apply to everyone in the organization, from top management to the junior staff. Management is responsible for creating a safe work environment, and making workers conscious of their safety in the workplace by setting the attitude all other participants have over workplace health and safety.

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