The Importance of Contractor Management Software

What is a Contractor Management Software?

Contractor management software is an important part to managing any company, business or organization’s interactions with the contractors who support its operations and facilities. It is an integral part in managing all contractor types from electricians to plumbers, HVAC to garbage removal, paving to painting.

A contractor management system/software consolidates all contractor information into one database. And can then automate any processes across national, regional and local contractors.

Contractor Management & Onboarding

The first step for of utilizing a contractor management software is the onboarding of your commercial contractors onto the management software platform. Once on the platform your contractors can communicate and transact electronically with your Facilities Management team, and your facilities management team can perform an array of automated activities including work verification, electronic payments, and analytics.

Assess both the technology and the level of support of a contractor management solution

Onboarding and training your external contractors on how to get started and use the system is crucial as it will ensure proper and consistent use. Effective onboarding also leads to maximizing value and minimizing errors and risk by automating contractor sourcing, work order management and invoice/payment processes.

To have a truly successful facilities management program, contractors must be fully engaged in the process. It’s why whenever you evaluate a contractor management solution you cannot look at just the technology. You need to focus on the resources that go into contractor training. What good is software if no one knows how to use it or doesn’t full understand the features?

A robust contractor management system will include training and onboarding contractors on all aspects of the software and program, including registering and uploading contractor company information (insurance, W9 information, etc.), checking in/out using our GPS check in/Out or IVR telephone system, submitting electronic proposals and invoices, and adhering to all of your organization’s specific procedures.

One of the most significant benefits of having all your contractors trained and on board with contractor management service automation is that it enables you to receive objective, quantifiable performance metrics. It minimizes room for error, ensures brand consistency across all locations and avoids costly mistakes. It also ensures compliance by validating that contractors have the necessary and up-to-date insurance and licenses.

Ongoing Training and Web-Based Instructions

Training needs to take place continuously as contractors hire new employees, as new features are added or modified in the contractor management software, and to also serve as a refresher for those already using the system. Training can take place in person, but most contractor management programs provide value and efficiency in web-based instruction (training webinars) for commercial contractors and facilities management teams. Effective training and onboarding can save time and manpower in getting your contractor son the contractor management system and up to speed.

The Advantages of Contractor Management Solutions

Contractor management solutions enable facilities managers to better organize and manage work orders, and monitor performance and productivity. As facilities management becomes more data-driven, it’s critical that contractor sourcing not rely solely on relationships and perceived trust, but also include objective, quantifiable performance metrics. As with every aspect of your operations, you want to make sure you have the best-performing contractors doing your work.

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