All About Health and Safety Training Courses

Everything You Need To Know About Health and Safety Training Courses

Business owners, managers and employees have one goal in common: to promote Health and Safety in the workplace. To minimize injuries and accidents in the workplace, the use of Health and Safety Training Courses is essential.

Safety training brings personal benefits to all participants and to the company as a whole. Most countries require companies to subject their employees to health and safety training. The completion of health and safety training courses helps to create a positive work environment and minimize accidents. For the company, this training prevents injuries, sicknesses, accidents and health hazards related expenses and liability costs.

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Health and Safety Training

The Health and Safety Training, Risk Assessment and Other Functions of Safety Consultants

Beakon offers Safety Services & Consultancy, Occupational Health and Safety services and evaluations. Our Safety Management System is designed to compliment your Health and Safety Training and provide you with the tools ensure that your workplace remains safe and free of harm

Our Safety Management System’s functions include:

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Improving Health and Safety Training Software

Improving Safety Training by using Safety Software and Involving Managers and Supervisors In The Training Process

An effective way to reduce occupational accidents is to equip workers with job safety skills and knowledge through health and safety training in order to achieve a safe work environment. For the health and safety training to be effective, the managers and supervisors should be involved as well. The top management initiates workplace safety by authorizing resources to support the initiative. The company can contract training providers where employees have to attend the training sessions. This requires a schedule adjustment to create time for employees to attend the classes. A more convenient option that does not require interrupting of the work schedule is to take online Beakon safety training courses.

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Safety Audits and What They are For

Safety Audits and The Benefits of Conducting Safety Audits

For all types of businesses, implementing safety audits and measures ensures workplace safety and reduces injuries and the associated costs. This is especially important for large businesses with a large number of employees and contractors. Safety Audits give businesses a way to ensure the ongoing and monitored implementation of safety measures.

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Safety Training As a Key to Success

Safety Training Services: An Essential Key to a Successful Organization

Safety training is an essential ingredient to the success of an organization. As of late, most companies have realized this, and many training systems providers and training companies now offer a variety of courses and training services to promote workplace health and safety.

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The Benefits of OH&S Safety Training

OH&S Safety Training

The benefits of OH&S safety training apply to everyone in the organization, from top management to the junior staff. Management is responsible for creating a safe work environment, and making workers conscious of their safety in the workplace by setting the attitude all other participants have over workplace health and safety.

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Why Worry When Health and Safety Training Keeps Your Site Safe

Proper Health and Safety Training Keeps the Work Site Safe Ensuring Peace of Mind

Most business owners and employers worry about their work place safety and the effectiveness of their existing methods of health and safety training. Other concerns include employees’ exposure to risks due to inadequate or obsolete health and safety training programs. If you are worried about these issues, the good news is that there is an effective solution to all of them. Health and safety training eliminates worry and provides peace of mind for both employers and employees.

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Occupational Health and Safety ISO Standards

AS 4801 or AS/NZ 4801 ISO Occupational Health and Safety Standards

AS 4801 or AS/NZ 4801 ISO standard defines the Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems (OHSMS) requirements in Australia and New Zealand. This standard requires the implementation of five major components of OH&S Management in order for a business to have met all the OH&S requirements necessary to ensure effective management of OH&S issues.

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Understanding Risk Management

What is Risk Management?

Risk Management is one of these vaguely scary phrases that most workers and contractors are apprehensive of, but don’t always fully understand. In this blog post, we’ll explain what exactly risk management is, why it’s an essential tool for a successful business, and why directors and managers shouldn’t be afraid of Risk Management in the workplace. Read More