Online Induction Training: 5 Topics Safety Managers Must Cover 

It feels great to have a new set of employees to join your company. It is a symbol of progress and better things to come. This is where online induction software thrives because you need a way to quickly get your new staff onboarded.

However, If not handled rightly this prospective progress can turn out to be a disappointment. It is important that you give them a head start to working for you and do it view of this, here are five topics you should touch in your online induction training.

 1. Pre-induction orientation

It is expected of newbies to be anxious and nervous at the start of a new place of employment. To get the best of your induction exercise, it is important to get new staffs relaxed. It’s best you forward them a simple material to tackle this apprehension. It should contain basic info such as,

  • A brief guide to the establishment
  • Dress codes.
  • What to expect at the start of work

 2. Culture

Dos and don’ts that doesn’t relate directly to work are usually excluded during the online induction process. This is not right because what is traditional to your company and mode of operation is alien to your new staff. This leads to your new hire taking steps that single him/her out, thereby reminding him that he is a newbie.

Every organization has unique onboarding rules and guidelines. Introducing them to your new recruits at an early stage is very important. This won’t happen in the blink of an eye, it takes time for them to get used to the organizational culture.

Pay detailed attention to briefing your new staffs on all important aspects of your organizational dynamics and activities. The retreats, workshops, shift arrangements, e.t.c. The more newbies get acquainted with unique organizational practices the more the sense of belonging they will feel as a staff.

 3. Policies and processes

This is too important to be excluded from your online training induction. In most cases, Organizational policies are bulky, making it a hard task for newbies to grasp at once. In view of this, it’s always best that the most important ones are handpicked and forwarded to new recruits for a start.

It is important not to rush your new staffs with policies and procedure. See them as students and let them learn step by step. Ensure that they are clear and can practice with a set of procedures and policy before introducing them to another batch.

 4. Compliance

This aspect of your online induction training seals your policies and processes. It links your policies with the legal implication of likely situations. In view of this, compliance should be directed towards the company’s zero-tolerance policies and dedication to the safety of staffs. Examples are;

  • workspace violence
  • overriding interest
  • bribery
  • workspace hazards

Format your online induction training material to be personal, job-specific, and highlight the seriousness of your staffs’ safety.

 5. Connecting staffs

A core aspect of your online induction training should include introducing newbies to other staffs. This will help them see the prospects available to them as they go about their duties as your staffs and this can be a motivating factor for them.

Note that valuable information and skills are available to longtime staffs via experience and time on the job. Linking newbies to them will not only enhance their development but will also boost their confidence on the job.

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