Online Safety Inductions: Are They Effective?

5 Occupational Health And Safety Procedures That Businesses Forget About

How do Australia’s Workplace Health And Safety Procedures measure up? Well, although Australia’s Health system is ranked one of the best in the world, when it comes to workplace accidents it has some work to do. According to SafeWork Australia, in the year 2020, 182 Australian workers were killed at work. For a country that is considered very safe, this is actually a very high number of fatal accidents at work.

When compared to the 111 workers who died due to fatal injuries at their workplace in the year 2019-2020 in the UK this stat becomes quite shocking. Why? Because comparatively the UK has far more workers vs Australia. With a population of 66 million vs Australia’s 25 million, you’d expect the UK to have far more serious work accidents however this isn’t the case. This shows us that there is work to be done when it comes to health and safety procedures at work. 

Many fatal accidents are just that – accidents. They are largely unavoidable and happen as a fluke. However, there are some that occur due to negligence or complacency. In this article we’re looking at how businesses can tighten up their procedures to stop workplace accidents from happening, with the top procedures that businesses forget about.

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Workplace Safety Inductions

Picture the scene. A new employee starts at work, who comes highly recommended from a friend or colleague. You’re sure that he has all of the necessary safety knowledge to get started on your site. He’s pretty much ready to get started, and assures you that he’s fine to get cracking without a boring safety induction. The project is behind schedule and it would be really handy to skip a full workplace safety induction, as you’re confident that he will be fine.

Would you let him get started? Often the answer is yes. However, the answer should be a resounding NO. Workplace safety inductions are essential, and should never be skipped. You can streamline them with online software that helps you manage safety on the go, but never never forget to get it done.

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Ongoing training

How often do things change in a workplace? Very often!

This is why the safety training needs to be ongoing, and relative to your workplace. What is true one month may change the next, and only with a system that allows quick and effective knowledge sharing can you be sure that your team is fully protected.

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is getting workplace safety signed off and then ignoring it for 6 months to a year. This is where accidents can happen, so ongoing training is a must!

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Procrastinating an audit

Often we’ll ask businesses when they carried out their last safety audit, and often the answer is ‘never’. This is a major mistake, as audits offer an effective way to keep on top of your safety processes, manage data and find out how efficient your processes are. They serve as a great way to stop and reflect on what is working and what is not working, and get the team onboard with the changes. 

Procrastinating an audit is one of the quickest ways to encourage accidents on your site, as without a full view of how things are operating, you can’t be sure what’s going wrong.

5 Occupational Health And Safety Procedures That Businesses Forget About

Not monitoring overwork

How many times have people rocked up to your site and got ready to get on the tools, and you’ve looked at them and thought “you haven’t slept”? When people are operating machinery, working with heights, or dealing with physical labour where risk is involved, they should not be working if they are tired, overworked or ill.

Taking this into account will have a massive effect on how many accidents occur on your site. We’re not saying that people need to always call in sick if they’re a bit tired, but creating a culture of taking care of yourself and monitoring health should definitely be encouraged.

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Not having an effective back to work plan

In the unfortunate instance of an incident occurring on your site, you need to ensure that a full back to work plan is in place. Often businesses will neglect this aspect of workplace safety and assume that if someone is ready to come back to work that they are good to go. This is not always the case.

Without a proper back to work plan, the injured employee may push too hard too soon and cause even more damage. Easing them back in slowly is a must, and injury management software helps to aid that process.

OHS Software For Your Business

Beakon offers OHS software that helps your business stay on top of your health and safety procedures. Discover what our clients have to say about our service now.

Incident Management best practices

8 Workplace Safety Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

Workplace safety is something that we all know is important, but many of us know very little about. In this article we’re helping you brush up on your workplace safety knowledge with some eye opening stats that might surprise you.

Take a look…

  • Globally, one person dies every 15 seconds due to a workplace incident

Studies show that every 15 seconds, on average 153 workers will have a workplace accident and one of them will be fatal. This shocking statistic proves just how sinister neglecting workplace health and safety can really be.

  • In Australia, less than 50% of people know what to do in an emergency

Did you know that less than 50% of building occupants know the correct way out in the event of an emergency. This includes knowing what to do in a fire, armed robbery, attack and much more. This shocking statistic proves how important it is that emergency procedures are presented upon induction, but also regularly refreshed.

8 Workplace Safety Stats That Will Blow Your Mind

  • The majority of people on a site won’t know where a fire extinguisher is 

In an Australian study, less than 25% of people could locate the nearest fire extinguisher based on memory. When considering this in a construction site context, it is quite worrying that in the event of a fire, the majority of people would not be able to take action. Knowing where certain safety tools like the fire extinguisher, defibrillator, first aid kit etc. should be standard procedure for everyone on your site.

  • In the year 2017-2018, 107,335 serious claims resulting in one week or more off work occurred in Australia

Not only does an inadequate workplace health and safety system negatively impact the health of your people, it also causes businesses to lose staff and money. Businesses who have serious claims made against them may be liable for damages, as well as having to provide a succinct back to work program for the affected worker. This often takes much longer than one week, and in extreme cases can take up to a year.

  • The most common cause of injury is heavy lifting (24.2%)

Most workplace injuries are much more minor than the extreme cases of fatalities that we often hear about in the news. That said, they can still cause a significant amount of disruption within business and can also cause individuals serious pain.

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  • In Australia the median compensation paid on a workplace claim is $11,300

Of the 563,600 people who  experienced a work-related injury or illness in 2017-18, the average workplace compensation amount was $11,300. This proves the importance of having the correct safety procedures in place to minimise the risk of injury and prove due diligence and compliance.

  • 36% of those who experience injury at work are technicians and trades workers

The ABS recently released stats that revealed that 36% of those who experience workplace injury are technicians and trades workers. This is a high percentage, but what is more surprising is that their colleagues who operate machinery also make up a high percentage at 11%, with labourers coming in at 15%. This proves that building sites are a common location for workplace incidents and need more in gray dress shirt and blue denim jeans sitting on brown wooden floor

  • 6% of people do not return to work after an injury

This shocking Australian statistic proves just how crucial it is to implement a back to work program that encourages people to return to work. After an injury it is not just the physical body that can be harmed, but mental health and confidence too, with 6% of people not returning to work after an injury.

How To Reduce Workplace Incidents 

If these stats prove anything, it’s that reducing workplace incidents should be at the top of every employer’s priority list. Not only is adequate workplace safety and incident management essential to the physical and mental health of employees, but without a solid safety system in place businesses make themselves liable for huge costs.

The ways to reduce workplace incidents are very simple – analyse the risks and seek to minimise them. Of course, no company will ever be able to guarantee that no incidents will occur on their site, but with good incident management procedures in place as well as regular audits, training and risk assessments, businesses can minimise their risk and remain compliant.

To learn more about how to minimise workplace incidents get in touch now to start a free trial.

How To Keep Employees Engaged When Learning Remotely

How To Keep Employees Engaged When Learning Remotely

With remote work becoming the norm, knowing how to keep employees engaged in their training when working remotely is essential. Disengaged employees can cost your business, and therefore keeping them engaged while they train should be a top priority.

For many businesses, L&D is last on their to-do list and therefore the evolution to a digitised, cloud-based LMS system is often held off. However, with 2020 proving that every business needs to be prepared to train their people remotely, it’s time for businesses to invest in the software to keep employees engaged.

Here are the top ways to keep employees engaged when training remotely:


  • Communicate regularly to keep them up to date 


One of the key reasons that people switch off with their remote training is that no one is communicating with them. Whether it is reminding them to carry out the work, or offering advice on why learning on the job is so important, without communication remote training can seem like a waste of time to your busy employees.

Remote learning isn’t easy, but having communication channels that sit within a secure LMS is a sure fire way to remind people why they’re doing the training. Communicate with your employees regularly when working and training remotely to keep people awake and engaged.


  • Offer reminders to complete the training 


We can all be forgetful from time to time. Whether you’re a manager who needs to keep on top of your team’s training, or the staff members who’s training is overdue, when we’re busy on other things training can slip our minds.

Offering reminders that training is due or upcoming is a great way to allow employees to plan their time. With reminders, training doesn’t come as a last minute shock on a Friday afternoon when employees really can’t be bothered.

 A solid LMS makes this reminder process super easy by harvesting data and keeping track of where employees are up to with their learning. With this data, they are able to remind managers and the individual team members when something is overdue. This not only helps your business remain compliant, but it also allows your employees to stay engaged with their training.


  • Use a mobile-friendly system


Nowadays, it is essential that remote learning comes packaged in an easy-to-use mobile system.

Why? Because if you’re an employee on the go, the last thing you need is to have to sit at a desktop on site and complete training. Not only is this often a waste of valuable employee time on site, but it also means that your team members might have to complete training at a time that doesn’t suit them.

Everyone learns differently, and while one employee’s peak learning time might be 3pm on a weekday, others would prefer to complete training at home. With remote learning that is mobile compatible, the choice is placed into the employees hands. By empowering them in this way, you can ensure that they stay engaged and can learn in their own time.


  • Encourage them with feedback


Online grading is one of the quickest and easiest ways to let employees or contractors know how they’re doing with their training. With quick and easily digestible quizzes, people don’t feel as though training is a mammoth task. It’s all about offering learning in bitesize chunks that make it more fun.

It’s not just about offering them feedback online though, with live customisable tracking a quality LMS will allow you to see how individuals are doing too. This makes it super easy for a manager to check in on their team and see who is doing well and who needs a helping hand. Once managers can see how people are doing, it is recommended to reach out to team members and offer feedback.

An LMS makes this such an easy task, but the power of feedback and encouragement should not be underestimated. Empower your people with positive feedback, and you’ll soon see training engagement rates soar.


  • Make knowledge sharing easy


Not all knowledge on an LMS should come from packaged, external content. This can be helpful for some topics, however often site-specific or company-specific knowledge can only be shared from person to person. Therefore it is important that the content you’re sharing with your people isn’t generic, and sometimes comes from employees within the business.

If your content is boring and generic, your team will likely switch off as they’ve heard it a hundred times before. With a platform that enables knowledge sharing, your people will be much more engaged. When learning off of other people in the team, and handling documents that are actually used in real life, your people will feel more immersed in the learning process.


Do you need to do more to keep your employees engaged when they train remotely? Get in touch now to see how Beakon software can revamp your employees remote learning experience.

Online inductions: Are they effective?

Online inductions: Are they effective?

Are online inductions effective?

With COVID-19 having shaken how we do business, many businesses are opting to do inductions online now. This goes for traditional office setups, as well as businesses operating a site or working with contractors.

People have realised that online inductions are very effective and can speed up the process, whilst also requiring less manpower and offering a paper trail. These benefits have made them a rising star or 2020, with their popularity set to increase in 2021.

Here’s why your business might want to consider online inductions:

  • Offer your employees the chance to work in their own time

People learn in different ways, and at different times. With the online inductions you can allow your people to do self paced learning that they can complete at a time that suits them. It’s the ideal way to allow people to do their induction in their own time, whilst also creating a relationship with your employees whereby they know that their learning and safety compliance is their responsibility as well as your company’s.

  • Decreased operation costs

In person inductions can be very boring and repetitive, and they take a lot of time for a more senior employee to go through. This is essentially a waste of their valuable time, when the induction can take place online. Not only do you save on the costs of your people and their time, but you also save on things like room space, printed materials and external trainers. 

  • Online inductions allow you to record progress

Another key benefit of online inductions is that they are fully recorded. This means that your business is left with a paper trail of the training that an employee has completed which is great for both compliance and internal understanding of who has completed what. 

  • Consistency

With online training, you know that everyone is on the same page. Literally! Everyone completes the same training which means that you know that they are getting the same messaging, and that that messaging is correct. There is nothing worse than having a dispute and an employee saying “well I was taught to do x this way”. With online inductions, you know exactly what everyone was told, you know that it was consistent and you know that the employee signed off to say that they understand it.

  • Online inductions are mobile

One of the most troublesome aspects of in person training is that it requires people to be present. Online inductions can be completed wherever the employee is. Whether they want to work on mobile, a tablet or their computer, you can be sure that it will be easy for them to access their online induction and that they won’t have to pass on a piece of paper that might get lost. All of the information can be pulled up, at any time and any place on mobile.

  • Reduced risk with online inuctions

When you carry out inductions online you reduce the risks that are associated with putting a potentially untrained person in a high risk environment. Training online can allow you to fully train someone before they get onto the site, meaning that they will already have a good understanding of safety precautions.

What is a Contractor Induction Software?

A contractor induction software is an online solution that enables employers to quickly, and cost-effectively induct a new staff or contract worker. This software helps you to train your workers so that they arrive ready to work and compliant.

It should be noted that online induction could not replace a site-specific induction that will require meeting in person to cover any specific dangers or hazards. However, it is good enough to cut down on wasted time and allows everyone to be more productive.

As you can see, using technology to streamline your contractor induction programs will save you time and money. If you are unsure of how these benefits will work for your company, you can take advantage of a free, no-strings-attached trial of our online induction software.


Does health and safety software save businesses money?

Does health and safety software save businesses money?

One of the questions we are so often asked about health and safety software, is whether it will save the business money.

On the surface, it can look like health and safety software is an added cost as opposed to something that could save your business money. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Health and safety software can save your businesses huge amounts in insurance, injury claims and compliance costs, which can not only hurt your business financially but in terms of reputation damage too. Discover why health and safety software can be one of the best ways to save money, and ensure that you have the best practices in place as your business grows.

Here’s some of the ways health and safety software will help you save money:

Improve how your business responds

One of the main costs associated with health and safety that set people back are the response times and how the business responds to an incident.

These are the areas where mistakes can be made, incidents can be left unreported and ultimately the business can be liable. A significant amount of time and money can be saved by implementing more effective safety management and incident reporting systems that help you stay on top of everything that is going on within your business.

Your business could save money with these systems by improving the response time, minimising clean up, encouraging a faster return to normal productivity and preventing the need to replace damaged equipment.

Safety systems that help you set out how employees and contractors should respond to an incident can significantly improve emergency response time, which in turn saves money.

Does health and safety software save businesses money?

Avoid Penalties 

One of the main ways that businesses lose money when it comes to health and safety is when they don’t comply with rules and regulations and end up being fined.

Compliance is crucial to reducing fines and ensuring that things are done the right way on your site or project. With health and safety software in place employees are aware of the guidelines and have an easy to read guide on hand on their mobile or tablet. This helps to minimise error on the businesses behalf and means that your teams can identify and communicate with the right person when unsure of what to do. 

In this regard, the compliance goal becomes much easier to achieve and maintain, which reduces the likelihood of any penalties that can add up in the long run.

Does health and safety software save businesses money?

Reduce costs associated with accidents and incidents

The cost of having an incident occur on your site can be shockingly high. Correcting mistakes, paying fines, or paying out to compensate staff who are injured on your site can make a huge dent in your profits and in some extreme cases even put you out of business.

Having safety management software in place helps to reduce costs associated with accidents in two ways: 

  • Reduces the likelihood of the accidents 

The best way to avoid having to pay out for accidents is to avoid having them in the first place. Health and safety software helps your business do just that by ensuring that measures are in place to reduce the risk of an incident.

  • Ensures you are doing everything correct if something does happen

Sometimes accidents are just unavoidable, and in these moments health and safety ensures that you are covered and have done everything you can do reduce them and report them if they do happen.

Does health and safety software save businesses money?

Save on reputation costs with health and safety software

The immediate costs of an incident on your site are obvious – compensation costs, costs of temporary workers, sick leave costs, insurance premiums – the list goes on.

However, some of the costs that are caused by an incident are hidden. Included in these costs are things like reputation damage and team morale that can cause issues.

If your company reputation is damaged you may find it hard to generate new business, or keep your clients if they don’t trust that your business is operating safely. This is especially true in a small business scenario, where many clients may know each other, or your story may feature in the local news.

Your reputation both internally and externally can have a huge effect on your profits. People need to trust your organisation both from within and without in order for you to continue doing good business, and a health and safety system helps solidify that.

Does health and safety software save businesses money?

Reduce Insurance Costs when you have health and safety software

Another important and often overlooked cost-saving of health and safety systems can be lower insurance premiums.

When a business is able to show that they are compliant and have measures in place to reduce incidents, they will often see a drop in their insurance premiums.

Plus, you will also benefit from a lower rate of injuries and incidents on your site, which will help you in lowering your premium. In having less incidents, and dealing with them correctly when they do happen so that perhaps you don’t have to claim as frequently will ensure that your risk is lower.

This often results in cost savings through lower insurance premiums.

Are you looking for an exceptional health and safety software for your business? Discover Beakon Software today.

Online Induction Training: 5 Topics Safety Managers Must Cover 

It feels great to have a new set of employees to join your company. It is a symbol of progress and better things to come. This is where online induction software thrives because you need a way to quickly get your new staff onboarded.

However, If not handled rightly this prospective progress can turn out to be a disappointment. It is important that you give them a head start to working for you and do it view of this, here are five topics you should touch in your online induction training.

 1. Pre-induction orientation

It is expected of newbies to be anxious and nervous at the start of a new place of employment. To get the best of your induction exercise, it is important to get new staffs relaxed. It’s best you forward them a simple material to tackle this apprehension. It should contain basic info such as,

  • A brief guide to the establishment
  • Dress codes.
  • What to expect at the start of work

 2. Culture

Dos and don’ts that doesn’t relate directly to work are usually excluded during the online induction process. This is not right because what is traditional to your company and mode of operation is alien to your new staff. This leads to your new hire taking steps that single him/her out, thereby reminding him that he is a newbie.

Every organization has unique onboarding rules and guidelines. Introducing them to your new recruits at an early stage is very important. This won’t happen in the blink of an eye, it takes time for them to get used to the organizational culture.

Pay detailed attention to briefing your new staffs on all important aspects of your organizational dynamics and activities. The retreats, workshops, shift arrangements, e.t.c. The more newbies get acquainted with unique organizational practices the more the sense of belonging they will feel as a staff.

 3. Policies and processes

This is too important to be excluded from your online training induction. In most cases, Organizational policies are bulky, making it a hard task for newbies to grasp at once. In view of this, it’s always best that the most important ones are handpicked and forwarded to new recruits for a start.

It is important not to rush your new staffs with policies and procedure. See them as students and let them learn step by step. Ensure that they are clear and can practice with a set of procedures and policy before introducing them to another batch.

 4. Compliance

This aspect of your online induction training seals your policies and processes. It links your policies with the legal implication of likely situations. In view of this, compliance should be directed towards the company’s zero-tolerance policies and dedication to the safety of staffs. Examples are;

  • workspace violence
  • overriding interest
  • bribery
  • workspace hazards

Format your online induction training material to be personal, job-specific, and highlight the seriousness of your staffs’ safety.

 5. Connecting staffs

A core aspect of your online induction training should include introducing newbies to other staffs. This will help them see the prospects available to them as they go about their duties as your staffs and this can be a motivating factor for them.

Note that valuable information and skills are available to longtime staffs via experience and time on the job. Linking newbies to them will not only enhance their development but will also boost their confidence on the job.

Make Your Workspace Safer Today

Effective workspace management is key to a functioning organization. Contact us today for a FREE TRIAL to see how your workspace can be better managed using our induction software.


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5 Amazing Facts Employers Should Know About Online Induction System

5 Amazing Facts Employers Should Know About Online Induction System 

Are you an employer that doesn’t know it is possible to conduct induction for your newly employed workers online, to save you enough time and resources?

You need to read this.

Induction is the first step of introducing new employees or contractors to the work environment.

This introductory program is meant to acquaint the workers or new employees to the ethics of the workplace, making sure they observe the health and safety procedures so that workplace accident will be reduced to the barest minimum. Doing this using the online medium is best for you

We will be going through 5 amazing facts you should know about the online induction systems

Amazing Fact #1 – Create induction courses with ease

This is one of the benefits you as an employer tend to get when you do your inductions online. Using an online contractor induction system, you can create online courses with ease by providing important information regarding guidelines, procedures to be followed, and even workplace hazards for your inductees.

Amazing Fact #2 – Personalize your induction exercise

Personalizing your induction exercise to your taste is a huge plus for your organization. Employees would partake in the induction process on their own from various locations without been strict monitoring. Everything they need to know is well spelled out online. Changes can be made in the online induction process whenever you want. Like changing the induction exercise pattern to fit locations of the inductees and their job roles

Amazing Fact #3 – Inductee records can be managed without any hitches

The ability to store inductees record in a secure database that can be easily tracked is one of the advantages of online induction systems you would not want to take for granted. This is essential as it helps to monitor the training of the newly employed. Conducting online induction would ensure that the inductees are properly trained on their jobs roles, also having in mind the safety precaution that needs to be taking.

This would definitely increase efficiency and productivity in your organization.

 Amazing Fact #4 – A well-coordinated communication process

With an online induction system, passing information across is done in a seamless fashion. This system can let you know how well the inductee is coping with the training and you as the employer will be well informed when a giving task is completed by the inductee. You can also be able to pass a message to your inductees about more training if the need arises.

Amazing Fact #5 – Online induction is the best

Delivering training for employees using the online medium seems to be the most efficient and most effective way to get your employees to know the pros and cons of their job roles. You save time, money and their productivity level would increase


As you have already learned from this article, the use of an online induction system is an idea that you need to incorporate in your organization. The benefits are so enormous. Saving time, money, personalizing your training to your own taste, the ability for the inductees to attend the induction from various places, etc.

To get started, click here for a no-strings-attached FREE trial of our software.


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Online Induction Training: 5 Topics Safety Managers Must Cover

Top 5 Benefits of Using Online Induction Software 

Face to face induction was the way to go for quite a long time. However, that era came to an end with the advent of online induction, no thanks to a tech-oriented generation that gave preference to seeking information from the internet.

Just when we thought we had seen it all, and some managers were still trying to part ways with the traditional face to face induction and embrace online induction and benefit from its accompanying advantages.then, the innovation came at us in a new dimension in the name of online induction software.

What Is Online Induction Software?

an online induction is the starting point to engagement of new staffs or even business partners in an organization. A Software designed to achieve this aim is called online induction software. Standard ones come with features that allow you to personalize your induction software.

Time and again, managers have been reluctant to embrace the use of software for online induction, claiming that they are okay with their traditional mode of induction for new staffs. Some have been dynamic enough to embrace online induction but feel paying for an online induction system would be a waste of precious funds.

Here are the reasons you will be wrong not to embrace online induction software in your company’s induction phase.

1. Easy Avenue to Test Inductee Competency

The ability of your inductee should be examined just before the start of the induction phase. While related exercise must have been carried out before they qualify to be a part of your organization, it won’t hurt to be double sure of their competency.

While this aspect of the induction process would amount to additional stress if you decide to adopt face to face induction, it would be much easier when using an online induction training software. All you will have to do is to make use of the multi-choice assessment questions through an online system.

That way, you will be sure to engage inductees in a conversational style and get to assess their level of preparedness for the task ahead.

2. No language barrier

While most companies run on an official language, language flexibility can be an exciting feature to explore fore inductees. This is not likely to happen when you stick to the traditional face to face induction system as it is likely to restrict you to communicate in your official language. On the other hand, using an online induction system affords you a language flexibility option.

This feature is best enjoyed with the use of online inducting software. By using online induction software, you can format your induction to any language of your choice. This will definitely give all inductees a sense of familiarity thereby helping you achieve one of your major induction goals.

3. Save Time and Money  

How much is your company willing to spend on an induction exercise? Well, most companies obviously don’t want to break the bank for an induction exercise and they think the way to go is a face to face induction exercise.

While this may save your company some costs, in the long run, your company might incur some loss as a result of this choice. A traditional face to face induction will require that inductees who are at a distance bear the cost of transportation and even risk their lives in the process of traveling.

This has a way of dropping the excitement level of inductees and it is very likely it subsequently affects their performance on the job. This is not good for your company as it won’t only defeat the aim of the induction but will also reduce the return on the investment you made by recruiting new staffs.

Obviously, it is best you opt for online induction training software if you really want to cut down on time and money without hidden consequences.

4. Effective Documentation of Activities    

One distressing aspect of face to face induction is the tons of hard copy documents to be considered in the induction process. The space they occupy in a bid to keep records even after the induction can be enormous. This is a major cause for concern when engaging in the traditional induction process.

Putting an end to paperwork in your induction process only points you to one direction and it is no other than adopting the option of an online induction software. It is even safer to document when you use online induction software.

You can be certain to be able to track and document all induction information in a manner that will make the information acquired useful for making crucial decisions which will subsequently drive your organization’s growth and development.

This will also result in a more edifying workspace. This is because space that would have housed bulky paperwork derived from traditional induction would be free to be used for more productive purposes.

5. Allows You Synchronize With Access Control

If you choose to go the analog way, Accessing and evaluating materials from inductees can be a very stressful exercise. This stress is avoidable. Opting for online induction software would fetch you a digital dataset that can be assessed and analyzed only by authorized individuals.

This is possible because of the flexibility of its privacy settings. This does not only beef up the security of the dataset acquired during the induction, but it also makes complex analysis possible as datasets can be easily exported to other appropriate software suitable for such analysis.

Achieve Your Induction Goals with Our Software Today

Your best bet to a successful induction is to contact us and see how we can help you make a success of your online induction with our unique software.

At Beacon, we understand that managers want their induction software to be peculiar to their organisation as much as possible and therefore, we treat this as a major objective.

Contact us today to develop online induction software and your organization can be sure to attain all induction goals you can start with a free trial. 

Online Induction Training: The Fastest Way to Streamline and Get New Employees Up-To-Date

Training new employees or contractors is one of the most critical aspects of running a successful business.

At the point when employees have appropriate induction training, they are in a superior position to succeed; they know how to play out the activity, the arrangements, and systems of your organization, and they turn out to be more acquainted with your corporate culture and mission. Setting your team up for progress with the correct training is a win for them and a win for you.

On the off chance that you do not legitimately train your employees, you are in danger for a large number of issues, including workplace mishaps, below average work, and losing great employees since they do not feel like they were given the instruments to succeed.

Here are a couple of tips to streamline your employee training and get your new team individuals trained and working effectively as fast as could be allowed:


  1. Preparation is a key factor

The best way to having an active employee is training readiness. Knowing precisely what you have to train your employees on, what printed material you have to gather, and everything else that should be done before they are prepared to work is essential for a successful training knowledge.

Making an agenda of employee training to-do-list is an excellent method to remain composed. Knowing all that you have to complete from the very beginning will enable you to oversee the training procedure and get past the things rapidly and proficiently.

As your new team part finishes each piece of the induction training, confirm it on your agenda. Toward the end of the training process, return and ensure you have not missed anything before closing down that their employee training is completed.


  1. Ensure you have clearly defined roles for all employees

A key component to fruitful and streamlined employee induction training is characterized jobs. In case you do not know precisely what your new employee will be in charge of, it is difficult to recognize (and assign) what training will be necessary.

Before you procure somebody and set up together an employee training program, ensure you have unmistakably characterized the job and know precisely what that individual will be in charge of; that way, you recognize what sort of training they will be sufficient.

3. Move your employee/contractor inductions online

The ideal approach to streamline the employee training procedure and monitor every employee advance is to take things online. Utilising online induction software makes the training procedure more straightforward for you and your employees. For your team, it is useful to have the majority of their training materials on one focal stage.

Online induction is additionally useful for consistency reasons; when the majority of your employee training is done online, it is anything but confusing to sort out and store all the required documentation and printed material and access it whenever you require it.


How Beakon can help

At Beakon, we are focused on making employee training in Australia quicker, simpler, and more productive.

With our online induction training software, you can process inductees online from wherever you are – no should be in the workplace. You can likewise demand and record important printed material and screen employee and temporary worker advance – all from a stage exceptionally marked to coordinate your business.

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Why You Should Take Your Company’s Onsite Inductions Online

If money makes the world go round, then employees make a company go round. Just like money, employee and contractor management is not an easy task. Employers are not only legally responsible for the health and safety of their workers, but they are also morally accountable too.

This is especially true in high-risk industries such as construction and manufacturing where employees face various risks every day. Workplace safety and hazard prevention is a priority worldwide, and several guidelines have been put in place to guide companies on international best practices.

To remain compliant with these standards, companies are required to offer induction-training programs to help new employees or contract workers stay both safe and productive. These training programs are always onsite and need someone to oversee the program.

The Downside of Traditional Onsite Inductions

Due to the risk(s) involved in the job to be done, a proper induction process is required to ensure new employees, and contract workers understand the safety guidelines. While that is a good thing, the method with which it is done makes it a problem.

The traditional method requires in-person supervision to ensure the training is done correctly and efficiently. Depending on the scope of the project, the number of contractors employed will vary and so will their availability.

This means that the induction training could happen two or three times a week, and it is not uncommon to see just one or two contract workers attending the training. You are wasting a lot of time and effort by continually arranging in-person induction training for contractors who might not be working in your company for more than a week – sometimes lesser.

If you find this traditional method of onsite induction redundant, then you are alone. By using a Contractor Induction Software, you can improve and streamline your company’s entire induction training process.

What is a Contractor Induction Software?

A contractor induction software is an online solution that enables employers to quickly, and cost-effectively induct a new staff or contract worker. This software helps you to train your workers so that they arrive ready to work and compliant.

It should be noted that online induction could not replace a site-specific induction that will require meeting in person to cover any specific dangers or hazards. However, it is good enough to cut down on wasted time and allows everyone to be more productive.

You can expect several benefits from deploying a contractor induction software in your company. These include:

  • A significant reduction in operational costs. Resources such as room space printed training materials and trainers would no longer be needed if the entire induction process was moved
  • Consistency in the dissemination of information by the trainer and the accuracy in retention by the contractors or new workers are highly increased.
  • Ability to assess the inductees and test their understanding of the entire training. Beakon’s Contractor Management software allows you to audit their performance and send them reminders etc.

As you can see, using technology to streamline your contractor induction programs will save you time and money. If you are unsure of how these benefits will work for your company, you can take advantage of a free, no-strings-attached trial of our online induction software.