Safety Audits and What They are For

Safety Audits and The Benefits of Conducting Safety Audits

For all types of businesses, implementing safety audits and measures ensures workplace safety and reduces injuries and the associated costs. This is especially important for large businesses with a large number of employees and contractors. Safety Audits give businesses a way to ensure the ongoing and monitored implementation of safety measures.

Most companies hire independent departments or organizations to conduct this type of audit in order to receive objective results. The safety checks should be sporadic to provide an accurate picture of the work environment in its normal state. When people are aware of such audits, they may act differently and not present the reality of the matter.

Typically, those involved in conducting safety audits have received comprehensive training on safety requirements for the company needs. The level of involvement and schedule depends on the nature of activities and products handled. For companies that handle combustible or hazardous materials, safety audits are part of everyday activities. Companies without these kinds of materials focus more on the environment, job tools, work performance and proper lifting and handling of equipment.

The Benefits of Conducting Safety Audits

Safety audits bring benefits to every level of the business organization starting from the president, the CEO, management, employees, and contractors. Even the families of these parties benefit from these types of audits. For organizations that handle volatile and hazardous materials, the benefits are even more.

Conducting safety checks reduces the amount of premium paid to insurance companies for workman’s compensation cover and to the insurance underwriter. This reduction alone is enough to justify the costs involved in conducting the audit. Conducting these audits assures companies that they can pass an OSHA inspection. OSHA is a non-partisan organization that regulates safety at the national and state level. Failure to pass their assessments can result into warnings, fines or the worst outcome ever, shutdown.

The benefits of safety audits for businesses are immense. All parties are better off when an accident does not happen because of some preventive measures implemented after a safety audit. These audits help identify problems with people, processes and ensure safety for everyone. Safety audits are important and should be taken very seriously. Organizations should commit to continuous improvement of work environment safety through the aid of Audit Software.