Who Is Task Management Software For?

Who Is Task Management Software For?

Task management is so much more than a to-do list. In fact, effective task management can totally change how you run your business and save you hours of time which can then be invested into other things.

Old school paper-based systems of task management have proven themselves to be pretty redundant in the modern, digital world. This is why companies are now evolving to task management software that helps them manage projects in one place.

In this article we’ll be looking at who task management is for and why it can be so beneficial for your business. Take a look to learn more about the software and decide whether it’s right for your business.

Who Does Task Management Software Benefit? 

Task management is the next step up for any professional looking to streamline their business processes and optimise their time. Task management can benefit almost anyone, however often growing businesses and those who already have a couple of employees are best placed to invest in task management software.

For sole traders and independent consultants, often calendars and online to do lists can be enough. However, as soon as your business grows and you start to work with other people, task management becomes essential.

Task Management is an essential within business, however it’s surprising how many larger businesses still use archaic paper-based systems that are holding them back. So many businesses could benefit from better managing their workflows, and software makes that process a lot easier. 

What Kind Of Industries Is Task Management Software For?

Task management can work for almost any industry. If you have tasks to be completed within teams, task management software exists to help you get it done. The kinds of industries that benefit from task management software include:

  • Construction
  • Product management
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • IT
  • Healthcare
  • Energy
  • Defense 
  • Finance
  • Architecture
  • Transport

Although these are the industries where task management is probably most prevalent, many other industries are now becoming wise to the amazing benefits of task management software.

What Does Task Management Help With?

Task Management software gives your business the flexible tools to allocate tasks, manage projects and keep projects on track. Beakon’s Task Management software allows you to: 

  • Delegate tasks between team members to make business operations easier
  • Have a tracking process that you can always refer back to
  • Have a full project overview. You can set due dates and send instructions before you’ve even left the meeting room
  • Create customisable workflows that work for your business
  • Utilise a fully responsive design so that your task management system will work on all devices
  • Make the most of cloud-based storage so your files and documents are accessible wherever you are, whenever you need them
  • Use international integration to work across multiple time zones, languages and currencies with ease
  • Manage remote teams with live updates 
  • Create more opportunities to check in with your team and track their progress


Where Could Task Management Software Take Your Business?

Many of our clients have seen their business thrive with task management software, and yours could be next.

If you’d like to discuss the task management options that we have available, get in touch today