Tools That Aid Project Management On Your Construction Site

Tools That Aid Project Management On Your Construction Site

The project management process is never simple. But there are plenty of digital tools available to facilitate effective projects from conception to completion.

Take a look at our top project management tools to help you keep on top of your tasks:

Task Management Software

Beakon’s Task Management software can give your business the flexible tools to allocate tasks, manage progress, and keep projects on track. This software has been designed in consultation with clients to ensure that interfaces are clear and simple. This is important because everyone working on a project needs to be able to utilise it in order to see results.

Adaptable and intuitive software is adopted much more quickly by stakeholders, and Task Management software creates teams that collaborate to get the best results. Task Management software should include fully responsive design functions on all devices, including smartphones and tablets to make your tasks mobile. Beakon’s solution uses cloud-based storage, files and documents that are readily available across any location.

It can also keep projects on track by instantly allocating tasks as soon as the decision has been made. Create tasks, assign tasks, set due dates and task requirements or instructions before you’ve left the meeting room.

Reliable Audit Software

Effective auditing is a fundamental process behind any successful project. As paper based audits are slow and difficult to maintain, they hinder progress and make any follow up on corrective actions difficult. 

Having access to class-leading Audit Software will complement your existing processes and workflows. It needs to be implemented quickly without distracting you from your business, and an online audit system allows that. This is possible with Beakon’s Audit Software, which is customisable to sector-specific and individual requirements.

Beakon Audit Software includes functionality for:

        Full functionality on PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

        Data Collection and Consolidation.

        Schedule and Document Management.


        Action and Issue Tracking.

A Permit to Work System that works

Safety processes and controls are essential. Organisations need to manage and control – within an audit-compliant framework – who enters and leaves sites quickly and efficiently. Replacing a traditional paper-based system with simple-to-use software allows you to control your site and shutdowns in one place. 

Beakon’s Permit to Work system is easily configured to complement existing business workflows and processes. An integrated safe system of work will ensure that approvals are obtained at the right time by the right person.

This can be a powerful tool for your business and includes features to:

        Issue Permits to Work.

        Permit approvals.

        Audit-friendly records for permit history and access history.

        Work on all devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Risk Assessment Tools For Managing Business Risk

Clearly managing risk is a priority for any high-risk industry. Incidents of injury are not only detrimental on a human level, but also affect the efficacy of projects for everyone involved. Risk Assessment tools are there to help organisations handle risk efficiently and effectively.

Any software surrounding risk assessment needs to have a clear and simple interface. This can allow key decision-makers to catalogue risk assessments quickly and easily, keeping all parties as safe and secure as possible. They can use strategies to mitigate and manage identified risks.

Beakon software is designed to work on all devices, including smartphones and tablets; have functionality for comprehensive document control and management and proactively manage risk and reduce notifiable events.

Our industry-leading software has been helping businesses manage projects and improve safety and compliance for over 10 years. With remarkable functionalities, a clear and customisable interface, and cloud based software, Beakon is one of the most sophisticated safety system providers in the market.


Who Is Task Management Software For?

Who Is Task Management Software For?

Task management is so much more than a to-do list. In fact, effective task management can totally change how you run your business and save you hours of time which can then be invested into other things.

Old school paper-based systems of task management have proven themselves to be pretty redundant in the modern, digital world. This is why companies are now evolving to task management software that helps them manage projects in one place.

In this article we’ll be looking at who task management is for and why it can be so beneficial for your business. Take a look to learn more about the software and decide whether it’s right for your business.

Who Does Task Management Software Benefit? 

Task management is the next step up for any professional looking to streamline their business processes and optimise their time. Task management can benefit almost anyone, however often growing businesses and those who already have a couple of employees are best placed to invest in task management software.

For sole traders and independent consultants, often calendars and online to do lists can be enough. However, as soon as your business grows and you start to work with other people, task management becomes essential.

Task Management is an essential within business, however it’s surprising how many larger businesses still use archaic paper-based systems that are holding them back. So many businesses could benefit from better managing their workflows, and software makes that process a lot easier. 

What Kind Of Industries Is Task Management Software For?

Task management can work for almost any industry. If you have tasks to be completed within teams, task management software exists to help you get it done. The kinds of industries that benefit from task management software include:

  • Construction
  • Product management
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • IT
  • Healthcare
  • Energy
  • Defense 
  • Finance
  • Architecture
  • Transport

Although these are the industries where task management is probably most prevalent, many other industries are now becoming wise to the amazing benefits of task management software.

What Does Task Management Help With?

Task Management software gives your business the flexible tools to allocate tasks, manage projects and keep projects on track. Beakon’s Task Management software allows you to: 

  • Delegate tasks between team members to make business operations easier
  • Have a tracking process that you can always refer back to
  • Have a full project overview. You can set due dates and send instructions before you’ve even left the meeting room
  • Create customisable workflows that work for your business
  • Utilise a fully responsive design so that your task management system will work on all devices
  • Make the most of cloud-based storage so your files and documents are accessible wherever you are, whenever you need them
  • Use international integration to work across multiple time zones, languages and currencies with ease
  • Manage remote teams with live updates 
  • Create more opportunities to check in with your team and track their progress


Where Could Task Management Software Take Your Business?

Many of our clients have seen their business thrive with task management software, and yours could be next.

If you’d like to discuss the task management options that we have available, get in touch today

What Are Workflows?

What Are Workflows?

What are workflows and why do they work?

As you probably know by now, Beakon specialises in task management software and implementing workflows in businesses. We help you create a workflow that suits your business and allows work to move around with ease.

Our aims are always to give your business the flexible tools to allocate tasks and manage progress to keep projects on track. Over our time working in consultation with businesses, we have learnt a lot about how workflows can boost business and encourage growth, so we wanted to share why workflows are so valuable.

Discover more about workflows and why they work in this handy article…

What Is A Workflow?

A workflow simply refers to how work gets done within an organisation. It needn’t be a crazy process and can simply refer to the passing of work through the business to see the project from fruition to completion.

In essence, a workflow guides the work from point to point, ensuring that everyone who needs to be involved in the signing off and execution is on the same page. In the past, workflows would be paper based, however more recently they have become digital.

Why do workflows work?

Whatever business you run, or whatever you do for work, there will be a workflow in place. Whether it is running effectively is another story, but in order for a project to be completed there almost always needs to be a workflow.

Workflows work by passing tasks from one person to another, or one team to another to ensure that nothing is missed along the way. Workflows can remind us to complete tasks, minimise room for error and help managers make quick decisions and allocations. 

Workflows work because they help you to streamline tasks and get a top level view of your business. When workflows are completed, everyone is on the same page with how the task will be completed and this increases transparency.

How Can We Create Better Workflows In Business?

  • Analyse What You Have 

One of the first steps we need to consider when we look at workflows in business is how the current workflow is performing. We need to consider how many steps there are, where there are any blocks and what is and isn’t working with the workflow system.

  • Prioritise Your Work

Creating a better workflow means allocating tasks and deadlines based on how much of a priority they are. Figuring out which tasks are more important will help you create tasks and set due dates.

  • Minimise The Paperwork

The best way to keep everyone on track and on schedule is to minimise the amount of paperwork we have. By using cloud-based storage we can make files accessible to anyone, no matter where they are and make the signing off and passing on of work easier.

  • Allocate Tasks ASAP

Allocating and actioning tasks as soon as decisions are made is the best way to keep things moving within a workflow. Create tasks, assign tasks, set due dates, and task requirements or instructions before you’ve left the meeting room.

  • Use Software That Helps You

Having the flexible task management software that helps you manage tasks effectively can be a game changer for your business. Get in touch to learn more about how workflows can work for your business.

The Benefits of Using Task Management Software For Your Company

Time and money are two of the most valuable resources we have as humans. The same holds true in the business world as well, because companies are constantly striving either to make more money or to be more productive.

Most often than not, however, they are trying to do both. The good news is that a task management software helps you do both. When you deploy a task management software in your company, you are well on your way to becoming more productive which in turn directly influences your bottom line – more revenue.

This article looks at some of the benefits of using a task management software and how you can get your hands on one through a free trial.


Task Management Software Enables Your Employees to Be More Productive

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, time and money are two key factors for both people and businesses alike. A task management software enables your employees to be more productive and efficient because Instead of wasting their time on repetitive tasks, that can be easily automated using our task management software. This helps them save valuable time that they can spend on getting more work done, thus making them not only productive but also efficient.


Task Management Software Helps To Improve Teamwork in Your Company

Another key to productivity and efficiency is teamwork. When all your employees are working together in complete symmetry, the chances are high that productivity will increase as well. Good task management software enables all your company’s activities and information to be stored in a centralised location. This provides the opportunity for anyone in your company, regardless of what department they are, easy access to information they can leverage.


Task Management Software Allows You to Track Your Employee’s Productivity Time

Probably one of the most significant benefits you can gain from deploying task management in your company is the ability to track, record and monitor the time your employees spend on a specific task. There are several reasons why this is important. For example, it enables you to track the efficiency in which individual employee or contractor is working. This information will prove useful in a review and appraisal meeting where you can either praise top-performing workers or provide support for laggards. Another reason why tracking time is important is that once you know who your top performers are, you can quickly begin to assign them more tasks, which directly results in more productivity and as a result, more revenue.


Task management is an important aspect of any company that values growth and productivity. Beakon’s task management software is one of the industry’s leading productivity management platforms, and that is because it is easy to use, can easily be automated and most importantly, because it is cloud-based and can easily be accessed by anyone of your employees or contractors. If you want to take our software for a spin without any financial commitment, you can grab a free, no-strings-attached trial here.