Tools That Aid Project Management On Your Construction Site

Tools That Aid Project Management On Your Construction Site

The project management process is never simple. But there are plenty of digital tools available to facilitate effective projects from conception to completion.

Take a look at our top project management tools to help you keep on top of your tasks:

Task Management Software

Beakon’s Task Management software can give your business the flexible tools to allocate tasks, manage progress, and keep projects on track. This software has been designed in consultation with clients to ensure that interfaces are clear and simple. This is important because everyone working on a project needs to be able to utilise it in order to see results.

Adaptable and intuitive software is adopted much more quickly by stakeholders, and Task Management software creates teams that collaborate to get the best results. Task Management software should include fully responsive design functions on all devices, including smartphones and tablets to make your tasks mobile. Beakon’s solution uses cloud-based storage, files and documents that are readily available across any location.

It can also keep projects on track by instantly allocating tasks as soon as the decision has been made. Create tasks, assign tasks, set due dates and task requirements or instructions before you’ve left the meeting room.

Reliable Audit Software

Effective auditing is a fundamental process behind any successful project. As paper based audits are slow and difficult to maintain, they hinder progress and make any follow up on corrective actions difficult. 

Having access to class-leading Audit Software will complement your existing processes and workflows. It needs to be implemented quickly without distracting you from your business, and an online audit system allows that. This is possible with Beakon’s Audit Software, which is customisable to sector-specific and individual requirements.

Beakon Audit Software includes functionality for:

        Full functionality on PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

        Data Collection and Consolidation.

        Schedule and Document Management.


        Action and Issue Tracking.

A Permit to Work System that works

Safety processes and controls are essential. Organisations need to manage and control – within an audit-compliant framework – who enters and leaves sites quickly and efficiently. Replacing a traditional paper-based system with simple-to-use software allows you to control your site and shutdowns in one place. 

Beakon’s Permit to Work system is easily configured to complement existing business workflows and processes. An integrated safe system of work will ensure that approvals are obtained at the right time by the right person.

This can be a powerful tool for your business and includes features to:

        Issue Permits to Work.

        Permit approvals.

        Audit-friendly records for permit history and access history.

        Work on all devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Risk Assessment Tools For Managing Business Risk

Clearly managing risk is a priority for any high-risk industry. Incidents of injury are not only detrimental on a human level, but also affect the efficacy of projects for everyone involved. Risk Assessment tools are there to help organisations handle risk efficiently and effectively.

Any software surrounding risk assessment needs to have a clear and simple interface. This can allow key decision-makers to catalogue risk assessments quickly and easily, keeping all parties as safe and secure as possible. They can use strategies to mitigate and manage identified risks.

Beakon software is designed to work on all devices, including smartphones and tablets; have functionality for comprehensive document control and management and proactively manage risk and reduce notifiable events.

Our industry-leading software has been helping businesses manage projects and improve safety and compliance for over 10 years. With remarkable functionalities, a clear and customisable interface, and cloud based software, Beakon is one of the most sophisticated safety system providers in the market.