7 Questions to Include In a Safety Management System Audit Checklist 

Getting a safety management system for your workspace is quite a process. To get this right, it requires that high-frequency checks are incorporated in your adoption process. A good way to do this is to consider some important questions you include in your safety management system audit checklist to make sure processes are being done right.

1. What Is The Current Situation Report On Safety In Your Workspace?  

Asides protection of employees from workplace hazards, safety has been noted to have a direct bearing on work quality. Therefore, it should kick off your safety management system audit checklist.

It is important to check if there is basic safety equipment such as fire extinguishers are available if employees put on protective equipment such as helmets, and also if workers follow safety procedures.

2. What Is The State Of Materials Used In Production? 

While the quality of materials is mostly connected with productivity, it also has a considerable bearing on safety. The wrong usage of materials and usage of wrong materials can lead to work hazard.

Therefore, it is vital that you check if the right materials are available in the right quantity. Sequel to this, it is vital. that it has a place in your safety management system audit checklist.

3. How Painstaking Are The Workers With The Workflow? 

It is not uncommon for staffs to be sloppy when they are not supervised. This could be costly in terms of safety. Do your employees follow instructions even when they are not supervised? Are there better ways of task execution?

 4. Does The Location Of Your Workspace Promote Safety?

Where you situate your workspace and how you execute your activities should be included in your safety management system audit checklist. Is this the most strategic and feasible location for attaining a safe working environment? Answering this question requires that you consider what your environment looks like.

 5. Is There A Reporting Mechanism For Safety Hazards?

A solid process for reporting safety issues is critical to creating a safe haven for work.  This is important because if you don’t act on them as soon as possible, things might get out of control.

Safety management software audit checklist should involve considering what channels are open to employees to express concerns about safety and moreover if workers are aware of these options.

Also, you might want to check if they have direct access to the appropriate quarters, and if these reported problems are corrected quickly, or there are delays.

6. What Provision Is Made For Documentation?

Documentation makes all events traceable, including working operations built around safety enhancing instructions. Safety management system audit checklist questions should pay attention to issues like:

  • What is the standard of the work documentation process in the workspace?
  • Can the most recent instructions get to the appropriate quarters in a short time? If so, are they being reviewed regularly?
  • What’s the procedure for changing or modifying the documentation? Do operators regularly review changes, and can they explain them?

7. Are There Elements of Continuity in the Company’s Safety Management System?

Attaining a safe workspace requires effort. However, maintaining safety within your workspace requires extra effort. Your safety management system audit checklist needs to include follow-up and action plans to make sure the system is handled rightly. To attain this pay attention to how you plan to monitor and assess follow-up.

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