How to Implement an Online Safety Management System in 5 Steps 

There is no gainsaying safety in your workplace is very important. As a safety manager, it is important for you to know how to create an efficient health and safety management in the workplace. To do this effectively, you need a system designed for this purpose.

This exactly is what an online safety management system does. It is a tool designed to help companies stay on top of health and safety affairs within the workspace. Setting up this tool is not as easy as making coffee. There has to be some synergy between important elements of your company.

However, here are five steps to follow in implementing an online safety management system.

 1. Identify the Requirements

This is the first step in setting up an online safety management system. Identifying occupation health and safety (OHS) needs should be done in accordance with OHS policies as it relates to your business or industry. This will go a long way in terms of decision making of what feature is integrated into or excluded from your company’s online safety management system.

2. Provide a Framework for OHS Governance

Having identified OHS requirements, the next step towards setting up an online safety management system to ensure that the right sets of people are put in a position of authority to manage the company’s safety management tool. The framework should take the dimension outlined below;

  • Establishing an OHS committee.
  • Electing a committee chairperson.
  • Identifying election representatives.
  • Establishing the committee framework and procedures.
  • Defining the communication framework between the committee, employees, and management.

The essence of the committee is outlined as follows;

  • Implementation and enforcement of safety policies.
  • Response to and management of health and safety concerns.
  • Promotion of workplace health and safety.
  • Taking responsibility for all elements of health and safety.

3. Map Out a Plan

At this implementation level, the committee should be concerned with how they can support the setting up of a comprehensive online safety management system for the company and its employees. This should include;

  • An initial assessment of the health and safety needs of the company.
  • A workable plan for ensuring health and safety within the workspace.
  • Response procedure for potential emergencies.
  • Training programs on health and safety designed for employees.
  • Continuous evaluation of health and safety.
  • Reporting and documentation framework.

4. Execute the Mapped Out Plan

This implementation stage of setting up an online safety management system requires that each feature be assigned to a representative for execution. The execution will encompass the following;

  • Fast response to accidents.
  • Regular all-around inspection.
  • Training new staffs on health and safety affairs.
  • Responding to complaints from employees.

5. Access the System and Check for Improvable Areas

A major reason why assessment is done on an online safety management system is to look out for areas that can be improved and make a subsequent improvement on the system.  It, therefore, requires that the committee will follow through on the process in real time.

This will help them see where their efforts are paying off and areas in need of attention. The dynamic nature of online safety management systems requires that companies deploy skilled and reliable safety stewards to manage their safety tools.

Set Up Your Online Safety Management System Today

After all, said and done, a lot is involved in setting up an online safety management system. Having access to outlined procedures for setting this up is great. However, you can get a step higher in your quest to attaining the safest work environment possible for your business when you adopt an online safety management system software.

Safety needs vary from organization to organization. At Beakon, we understand this fact and we are prepared to design software to meet your organizational needs uniquely.  Contact us today and you can get started with a free trial.



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