Looking For Safety Management System Software? Ask These 10 Questions First 

Managing risks effectively is a top priority for business growth. This is where safety managers come in. One of the key skills that any safety manager can have is how to create an efficient health and safety management system in the workplace.

This calls for self-examination which can be a tasking process. However, thinking about the outcome can be a motivating factor.  Let’s see 10 questions you need to consider in your quest for a safety management system software.

 1. Is There Infrastructural Provision For Storage And Accessibility Of Procedures And Instructions?

Answering this is the first step towards getting safety management system software. How do you go about your data storage at the moment? How reliable is your storage system? Does it call for an upgrade or you think you are good to go?

2. Is There A Variety Of Management Systems For Handling Risk Assessment Process?

To set up a business where risks are reduced to the barest minimum requires that you build a system that is consistent in fishing out potential risks. That way, you get more reliable results.

Safety management system software can get all workers on one platform. This makes it the right fit for this task as it offers a standardized risk assessment process.

3. Do You Utilize Manual Methods To Monitor And Record Data?

It is important that you see if your tracking system is manual or automated. Do you make use of spreadsheets to keep accounts of training needs, expiry dates, and contractor insurances? that’s manual basically.

Now, imagine what it will be like if your tracking system and other aspects of your business that are related to safety is automated. It definitely will save you a lot in terms of time and money.

4. Have You Experienced a Failed Attempt At Adopting a Unified System for Management?

This has been the case for quite a lot of managers. If you can relate to this, did you bother to check why it failed? This may be due to a variety of reasons. Howbeit, it is often as a result of the complexity of the system when compared to your business needs. Look uniquely into your system and try to understand why it failed. That way, you know what to do next.

5. How Do You Broadcast Incidents And Remedies To The Appropriate Quarters?

Do you see Safety management system software as having a top-bottom configuration where top officials feed the system with orders and pass it to supervisors for implementation and give feedbacks in the form of reports?  This is not true. Rather, it is a central system that permits all members to contribute effectively to a safe environment.

6. How Visible Is Information Across Team members

Does your current system aid a swift information transmission among team members? Remember, this is important for the quick action and easier documentation of activities.

7. Does Your Current System Provide A Smooth Transition Process?

When a staff leaves, are you able to access details on what they were working on and how far they had gone with it? Continuity is a very important feature of a safety management system software.

8. Do You Have A Double-Checking Mechanism? 

Okay, you feel your staffs are trustworthy. But then, people change. How do you confirm those audits when you have a cause to suspect that anomalies are occurring in the workflow?  Safety management system software will take care of this.

 9. How Do You Remind Team Members To Do A Follow-Up Investigation?

Worrying about forgetful team members is not uncommon. Many times, you can’t blame them. There are just so many things to attend to. With safety management system software, you won’t have to worry about that.

10. Do You Have A Generalized Safety Agenda?

How easy is it for managers and supervisors to keep important incidents and actions abreast? Going further, does your current system allow for prioritization of important actions?  System management software can help you with this.

You Can Adopt Safety Management System Software Today

Examining the questions above, you are sure to be clear about what you want in a safety management system software.  Contact us today and see how we can help you with unique solutions. You can start with a free trial to see how Beakon can help your organisation.



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