What is a permit to work software?

What is a permit to work software?

During the current crisis, businesses are being offered the opportunity to slow down and reflect on the business processes that run without us thinking. Of these crucial processes is the permit to work process.

Often, the need for a permit to work is a pretty urgent requirement, so the focus is on getting it done quickly rather than ensuring that the software or process behind getting it issued is streamlined.

To help you decide whether your permit to work process is working for you or against you, we’re explaining what a permit to work software is and how it can boost your business.

Why are permits to work important?

A permit to work is an essential legal requirement for tasks that have the potential to affect the health and safety of other people. Essentially, we need permits to work to ensure that the people doing the job are qualified and able to do the job safely.

The permit to work proves that the person carrying out the task has the relevant certifications and skills to do so safely, and takes into account any conflicting tasks or hazards that may arise on the job. It’s essential that the permit to work is issued, or the individual may be working illegally.

One of the main purposes of a permit to work is to assign a responsible person to each task, so that risk assessment and safety checks are performed at each stage. A permit to work will set out procedures and instructions for the task at hand, and should localise all the relevant information such as expiry dates, work history and certifications so that it’s easy to see whether the individual is qualified for the task.

What is a permit to work software?

Traditionally, a permit to work could be issued by hand effectively. This would involve lots of paperwork, which could easily be lost. If you’re reading this and thinking ‘we still do it by hand’, we’re here to tell you that there’s a much better way!

A permit to work software replaces the old paper-based system, saving you time and limiting the mistakes that can be made as a result of working with paper. This software allows you to streamline the process and improve functionality, as well as integrating the permit to work process with other management software products like risk management and task management.

What should permit to work software include?

Permit to work software should be easy to use and should be set up to compliment other business workflows and processes. It should ensure that the approvals are easy to obtain from the relevant person and then are displayed clearly with dates and certifications attached for reference.

A permit to work software should be able to:

  • Issue permit to work
  • Collate information together clearly
  • Deal with permit approvals
  • Keep records of permit history and access history
  • Work on an array of devices 

Beakon Permit To Work Software

The Beakon permit to work software is used by some of the world’s largest companies in high-risk sectors, and has been rigorously tested to ensure that it offers all of the functionality to manage your site safely.

Our system helps contractors, employees, and site visitors remain compliant so that you don’t have to chase them. You can also reduce cost of risks, non-compliance, administration, as well as delays caused by document loss. 

Most importantly, Beakon’s Permit to Work system reduces the likelihood of safety breaches in the workplace. All actions are logged, time stamped, and recorded, providing a easily-accessible audit trail.

Take control of your site access quickly and easily; contact Beakon today and find out how our Permit to Work System can protect your staff and business.